Cubase 11 was running perfectly fine on Windows 11 before the newest Cubase maintenance update

Everything on Cubase working with no hiccups on Windows 11. Now every time that I close a project the program freezes and I have to use task manager. Not too big of a deal, everything else is still good.
I’m not mad because I know that they put out a notice that Cubase didn’t support Windows 11, so they must’ve knew that the new update wouldn’t work that well with it.
Just a word of caution to others that haven’t done the maintenance update yet.

I would suggest anyone who uses Cubase seriously doesn’t upgrade yet. That goes for any major update of windows until supported. Why put yourself through it?

I am also an early adopter of Windows 11, and have not seen any problems. It might not be Windows 11 at the root of the problem.