Cubase 11.. WEIRD automation going on

hi all,
I just recorded a live guitar into a track. I’m trying to add a volume automation along the song.
I open the automation track, and i see the volume line.
There is, however, a SECOND line (with a few dips… its not straight). The area under the line is gray !
I can’t click on the volume line ! I can only click on that second line to insert a point…
and when i do that to insert a point, … the MUTE button is magically enabled… and i can’t unmute the track even if i click MUTE again, or click SOLO… and i see the same thing in the mix console !
What the frig did I do at some point to create this line and not allow me to make a volume change ???

Weird. Looks like it’s either a bug or it has to do with accidentally engaging “trim”.

hmmm… don’t remember doing anything in TRIM. I even created a new audio track and copied the data to the new audio track… same weird line… It may be something in the auto event seeing as i didn’t create any automation for the new track.