Cubase 11 (Win10) + Mackie HUI issue (with Novation SLMKIII Keyboard )


I puchase a brand new Novation SL61 MK III and got issues with the Mackie HUI control.
For standards MIDI fonctions, keyboard, pitch, modulation everything is Fine.
I set for the control :
“Mackie HUI” + Ports IN to “MIDIIN2(Novation SLMKIII)” and Port Midi OUT to “MIDIOUT2(Novation SLMKIII)” .
I tried to disable on Midi configuration the MIDIIN2(Novation SLMKIII) set to “not to all inputs”

On the bottom of Cubase (Midi activity display) I see and OUT midi signal every seconds, and on Novation keyboard (set to “IN Control”), when I use the transport commands or faders or rotary swithes or button , I see and input Activity: But nothing append on Cubase :frowning:

When Usind a “generic Midi peripherial” in Cubase set to MIDIIN2(Novation SLMKIII) and MIDOUT2(Novation SLMKIII) and programed some switches I can make the transport commands working.

Please is ther any solution to make the Mackie HUI works or other easy solution to get all the transport, faders, buttons configurated automaticly ?

It looks as a Cubase issue with the Mackie HUI and Novation SL MKIII
(For info with the Rtpmidi used with and Ipad all the controls/transport works)

Thanks for your advice, solutions