Cubase 11 Window Issue

Hi everyone,

I have a weird problem, hope someone can solve this. I work with 2 screen monitors, I usually use the left one for the project window while I use the right one for Media Bay, Key Editor, Pool Window, …etc. While working on a project, (there was media bay on the right monitor) suddenly I realized that when I click on a midi data for editing, the key editor did not show up. When I pressed Alt + Tab, I saw that it is there but it does not come forefront, I could not reach this key editor window unless I closed the Media Bay.
I mean, I double click the midi part, there is no change on these 2 screens, when I press Alt+Tab, I can see that key editor is there, when I click on this window, it doesn’t show up on my 2nd monitor, if I close the mediabay, I can see the editor properly on my second monitor. This is odd, and this does not happen in Cubase 9.5 but only in Cubase 11. Do you have any idea?

Thx in advance.

Most likely you have the Media Bay Window set to be “Always On Top”

You can right+click the toolbar at the top to change it.

Of course! How did I miss that rule :slight_smile: Thx for your help!