Cubase 11 Window layout statusline off value being ignored

I’m trying to get the Info Line option disabled but it keeps coming back when loading a new project.

I tested quitting to save it either off and on and in the Default Project Workspace the flag for off or on (0, or 1) is being saved correctly for :

ExistanceState value=“0”

But even if this value is 0 the status line keeps loading up.

At one point it did work but I had a crash and now it doesn’t. Even before that it took a few tries to get it to stick.



ExistanceState? Not ExistenceState?

Hi that’s how it is in their XML. It’s saving correctly so the name seems to be fine.

I realised this is happening for all 3 of the options, Info Line, Status Line and Overview.

I tried creating global and project workspaces and whatever I set those 3 options to they always load back the same, status and info line on, and overview off.

Also seems the project workspace is not being saved, it’s gone when I reload.

Will try a reinstall.

Did a reinstall and it seems to be working. Now on to another issue. The meter colours won’t change.

There are many others complaining about this. Me, I’ve been lucky. I just went and re-did them in Preferences (Digital +3db meter, for all the mixconsole channels) and they’re ok. I didn’t try recoloring the Right Zone Meter, I have left that stock.

I figured it out, might have been my error. I was trying to select other meters than the channel meter +3 preset to use as colours. But when I edited the colours of the channel meter +3 preset then the channels updated.

The other meter selections seem to be only for the control room, and that one updated correctly.

Never actually used that function before (last time I changed my colours was 4 years ago or so).