Cubase 11 , windows 11 HDPi ,looking good :)

Just thought I’d relay the info that after reading lots of horror stories about cubase/windows HDpi I took the plunge and bought a nice LG 32 inch 4 k monitor.

I’m running windows 11 latest (today) and Cubase 11 latest. Set to 125% scaling and HDPi aware in cubase everything looks fantastic . I have had to go to plugins individually and set them either in cubase to allow window resizing or if they are native HD version then have done that. Once done though they look great.




Good to know. Thanks

Does it really?

When I set it to 125% there’s lots of visual glitches / artifacts around buttons, MIDI notes. Also, most icons are blurry as if they’re stretched instead of swapped to high-res versions. Luckily I can easily work at 100%, so that’s not a problem.

But it’s far from “looking good”, IMO :slight_smile:

what monitor do you have? I sent back a Samsung 4k monitor because cubase looked awful on it . This new LG is a different ball game all together. I have no issues , hence my post :slight_smile:

I do not have the vision I had when I was 20 though so maybe you do :slight_smile: are you on windows 11? one thing I notice was the gfx of 11 generally on HDPi screens are a big improvement from 10 when I updated.

My post was to show despite the negativity I’ve been reading about this I’m very happy with how it looks now I’ve got a decent 4 k monitor .

edit : i’ve just opened the midi editor for the first time and yes there are lines around the notes. I thought that was an updated look. If i peer very closely I can also see the lines on the edges you pointed out. My theme isn’t as dark as yours so they’re not as noticeable. I do not have the same issue with the read button you have.

Anyway, room for improvement but I’m still happy with things.


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I’m on a laptop with 1080p screen, but I don’t think it’s relevant. When I run Bitwig, Live or Studio One they’re super sharp and clear, whereas Cubase is - still, although getting better - a pretty mixed bag.

Hopefully they’re working on it and maybe v12 will deliver.

yes I think C12 will address some of these niggles. I think after all the bad press i was surprised that things looked as good as they did after I eventually found a good monitor :slight_smile: and had nothing to compare it against except Reaper and that is a non scalable GUI so it’s all a bit hit and miss, Cubase looks a lot better generally.


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