Cubase 11 with 4k monitor?


I would like to buy 4k monitor for my studio, but before I go to 4k route I would like to know what is the current state of 4K and Cubase 11 integration. Is everything working ok? Are there any problems that I should be aware of?


I think it really depends on the size of the monitor, as I have heard. I have 43" cheap 4K TV(main view) with 24" FHD monitor (for mixer view) and everything clear and fine. Though some plugins doesnt appear fine, but those are usually plugin companies problems

I’m running a 55" 4k Samsung display from 2014 (bought fo a song + 125 USD). Everything in Cubase is doing nicely, 3rd party stuff can be hit or miss. I use it at 125% and 150%.

Basically the same as what @Jari_Junttila is saying

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same as both posters above me :slight_smile:
It works fine and I can very much recommend it. The newer versions of cubase are managing well with display scaling. Mine is 3840 at 150% and I have so much more space to work than before. With your old monitor as second display you have even more space. Mine running at a different resolution and there’s no problems with moving stuff between them.

I ran into an issue were cubase did some weird graphic stuff though. If you got a RTX card, it may be neccessary to deactivate all antialiasing for cubase in your nvidia control panel. I’m not able to reproduce it after the last driver update, though, so you should be fine, just in case.