Cubase 11 won't allow export of multiple files

  1. Open export dialog
    2 Select multiple
    3 Check all tracks
    4 Set naming scheme to any attributes
    5 Set to WAV export
    6 Attempt to export
    7 Error message says need unique naming scheme to export

Mac Mojave latest version, Cubase 11 latest version



Could you please attach a screenshot of the Export Audio Mixdown window and the Naming Scheme window?

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Thoughts ?

Have you tried a different name? It sounds like there may be a file in your destination folder with the same name you’re trying to use.


Has the project been saved already? In the preview, I can’t see any project name.

Yes it has been saved . I just blacked that part out

Yes I have


I mean the preview of the resulting string (file name). The part, which is visible at your screenshot: 001-Ambient fx.wav.


OK, now it looks as expected.

Do you have the file with the very same name in the path by any chance already? Do you have a permission to write to the folder?

No, there is no duplicate-named file in the same directory. Yes I have write permission.


Could you try other folder for export, please? Could you try other Naming-scheme, please?

Sorry, neither method works.

Any ideas?


I have tried to replicate this here on my side with the very same settings. It has been exported. Of course, if I tried to export the very same again, with the very same settings, I was informed, the File exists already.

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?