Cubase 11 won't allow hard drive ejection

I have found that after pluggin in an external hard drive, even if I haven’t accessed it, I can’t eject it unless I close Cubase. Even if I have no projects open in Cubase, my computer will tell me that the drive is being used and can’t be safely removed as long as Cubase is open.

This is very annoying and ofter very disruptive of my workflow.

I use Windows 10 and my Cubase is up to date.

Is anybody having a similar experience?



I expect MediaBay tries to reach the files on the external hard drive.

This is no the OS side, how the OS handles the external hard drive.

I’ve had issues with hard ejection too!
(sorry, couldn’t resist)

If so I’d think removing that location from the Media Bay scanning would release the disk.

Or possibly it is because in the Plugin Manager you have a path defined that points to a location on the external drive. If you remove this that might fix it - of course then Cubase couldn’t find those plugs anymore.

Hi Henrique,

The following microsoft article is not a solution but might be of interest for you…

Windows 10 default media removal policy - Windows Client Management | Microsoft Docs

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Hi everyone! Thank you all for the input on this matter.

I checked every point that was made here, but it was all good. Mediabay doesn’t access anything in my external hard drives, nor any plugins reference it in any way.

The only thing I didn’t do was enable the “fast removal” on the drive.

But the issue seems to have stopped on its own, I have no idea why!

Thanks again,