Cubase (11) won't allow overlaps (audio and midi) - deletes everything underneath

Hi there

I was hoping you guys could help me regarding the topic mentioned above.

Whenever I move an event or part on top on another event or part everything underneath it is deleted. Say I move event 1 on top of part 2 then move event 1 back - part 2 is no longer there.

I have no idea why it has happened and I can’t seem to make it go away.

Any suggestions as to what it might be? I have tried to turn on/off the delete overlaps via a key command, but it dosen’t change anything.

Thanks for your time

It’s solved. (Sorry for the waste of anybody’s time)

The 22nd time (or something like that) I tried the key shortcut it went away. “Editing - delete overlaps” that is.

Great day to you all :grinning: