Cubase 11 working - but all older licenses are gone ?

Hello everyone,

now that Cubase 11 is finally activated, i still miss my older licenses from Cubase 9.5 and upwards.
The thing is that C11 is extremely unstable and crashes/freezes randomly. I don’t have the time now to get to the bottom of this, just wanted to work on in Cubase 10.5 …only to see that my Dongle doesn’t contain any older Cubase licenses anymore. When i enter the old activation codes, it says “no upgradable license was found…”. Did i miss something ? Does anyone experience the same and has a solution for this ?

You should be able to use any of your older versions with c11 license.

“Lower” licenses are always replaced with “higher” licenses of the same type.
With C11 you can of course also use all the older Cubase versions.