Cubase 11

C11 vst request:
oek soothe2 spectral processor vst style

I like that plugin. But chances are slim we get a stock one from Steinberg—I think.

Soothe is fantastic and I hear you, but I feel that there are so many plugin makers like OEK that specialize in things like this, and that Steinberg shouldn’t be expected to do everything for everyone, since no other DAW has everything for a very good reason.

I’d rather have a superb DAW and superb 3rd party tools which I have to pay for, than a mediocre DAW with all kind of mediocre plugins already built in. So to be clear, they rather should concentrate on delivering the best DAW possible, and leave special plugin designs to companies who put all time and effort in that.

Woh, now, they has one request and you just have to go shooting it down like a clay pigeon. :laughing:

Soothe2 is an amazing plugin that is affordable but far to specific. Your request might make more sense to say:
‘expanding the channel EQ and or Studioe EQ to include dynamic bands and band specific de-harshness/de-toning’

I think the industry is seeing that dynamic EQs are becoming the standard, so that makes sense.

Well that was a somewhat entertaining insight into the psychology behind online communication.

Both dudes were helpful in highlighting various things needed.

i do take mr loves point though of being more focused on the fundamentals. I am very aware of daw competition, and an option to remove gridlines is not going to move the needle in terms of building a loyal and satisfied customer user base, And that is what we should all be striving for, as that means more continued sales, meaning more support, eventually leading to the features that we really want having more chance of being implemented.

Having said that we are all entitled to express a civilised opinion and thread, and it was the ‘i’ll give you that bone’ and similar lines used that kinda clouded an otherwise logical argument. And there endeth the sermon. I’m sure you will both be best pals by the time cubase 11 comes round :wink:

I really wish i knew what the hype surrounding Soothe 2 is - it’s probably just that Im not up to speed with it’s magical prowess, but I downloaded the trial and I barely notice any audible magic happening. Very subtle to the point of ‘is that it’? I’m sure it’s just me not being knowledgeable enough, or maybe my mixes are already amazing to begin with ha :wink:

Actually, what is amazing is how subtle it is for what it can accomplish - you’ve sort of discovered it’s magic without knowing.

To demo it, I would find the harshest recording you’ve done or something - a vocalist with a little of sharp harsh resonances, or a harsh violin or something. Or if you do a lot of extreme hipass filtering where there is only frequency above 1k, you can use it to tame and even out any sharp frequencies.

If you are working primarily with professional sample libraries and VSTi synths, you may not need this tool tbh.

Yeah that makes sense. That’s probably why I’m not noticing much difference.

That would be my favorites from that list :slight_smile: Some of those were already in the feature request polls last year.

  • Range selection edit on event gain/envelopes

If you mean by that a complete rework of the clip envelopes (which are completely useless today) in the style of ProTools Clip gain: a thousand times yes!

I’ll add to that:

  • complete rework of the cumbersome macro system. Give us a real scripting language!

Yup, that’s exactly what I meant regarding clip gain! And also agree on a rework of macro system.

• Media bay far more reliable (the endless scanning, confusion with alien formats that get installed by 3rd parties into system folders!)

• Ditto on the grooveq presets! (of course) :slight_smile:

Save audio/midi Event to mediabay Directly!

Yup, Media Bay needs some love for sure!

Show time signatures, tempo map and markers in the Midi editor (as all the rest of daws do).

Make tempo track, time signature track and marker and ruler into a big one ruler (as all the rest of daws do) or stuck in the top (so you can use split view to other purposes).

Better window management.

A more flexible routing for MIDI (so you can route a midi track to other midi tracks in order to change some parameters globally, like CC1).

Better management of Instrument Racks/Tracks (I don’t like the old input/output you have to do in the racks because you end up with 2x tracks you need and also in Instrument Tracks, if you have a MIDI track pointint to it and you disable that Ins Track, your MIDI track goes crazy). I think they need to work in this, as it’s like half baked.

“Half baked” is what I don’t like about how is going Cubase. They release a new cool and promising feature (like Instrument track, expression maps, etc) but they do not improve it in AGES. And the bugs you found when they released it are the same bugs you find 10 years later.

A good move for the users will be to have all this Half Baked things properly implemented once and for all. They’ve started with the Video Export, so I have faith.

+1000 for the EUCON support / implementation.

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I recommend:
1- Some jamming mode like Live session view
2- Rnd Portico and Yamaha Vintage Plugins as built-in
3- Listening AI assistant like Siri or Cortana

A Live style session view in Cubase is interesting. Digital Performer implemented it, but it’s still clunky. A more doable alternative is to simply have Ableton Link compatibility.

no need in Cubase 11. I want my 10.5 to be fixed and updated. I want 2-3 years of free updates for version 10.5 untill its fully stable and polished. I dont want to spend another 100 usd for buggy and rushed release. People who start threads like this should be killed.

Lol. Killed? How old are you?

Cubase 10.5 is running super stable and smooth here in a professional studio. No problems here. Definitely no show stoppers.

I see it says you have a MacBook Pro 2016 that you’re possibly running Cubase on. Are you by any chance also running illegal (cracked/pirated) VST plugins or software? Is your system optimized? Are you a hobbyist? Have you read the manual? Audio interface/hardware? Could be a million things that are causing “buggy” Cubase.