Cubase 11

Show time signatures, tempo map and markers in the Midi editor (as all the rest of daws do).

Make tempo track, time signature track and marker and ruler into a big one ruler (as all the rest of daws do) or stuck in the top (so you can use split view to other purposes).

Better window management.

A more flexible routing for MIDI (so you can route a midi track to other midi tracks in order to change some parameters globally, like CC1).

Better management of Instrument Racks/Tracks (I don’t like the old input/output you have to do in the racks because you end up with 2x tracks you need and also in Instrument Tracks, if you have a MIDI track pointint to it and you disable that Ins Track, your MIDI track goes crazy). I think they need to work in this, as it’s like half baked.

“Half baked” is what I don’t like about how is going Cubase. They release a new cool and promising feature (like Instrument track, expression maps, etc) but they do not improve it in AGES. And the bugs you found when they released it are the same bugs you find 10 years later.

A good move for the users will be to have all this Half Baked things properly implemented once and for all. They’ve started with the Video Export, so I have faith.

+1000 for the EUCON support / implementation.

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I recommend:
1- Some jamming mode like Live session view
2- Rnd Portico and Yamaha Vintage Plugins as built-in
3- Listening AI assistant like Siri or Cortana

A Live style session view in Cubase is interesting. Digital Performer implemented it, but it’s still clunky. A more doable alternative is to simply have Ableton Link compatibility.

no need in Cubase 11. I want my 10.5 to be fixed and updated. I want 2-3 years of free updates for version 10.5 untill its fully stable and polished. I dont want to spend another 100 usd for buggy and rushed release. People who start threads like this should be killed.

Lol. Killed? How old are you?

Cubase 10.5 is running super stable and smooth here in a professional studio. No problems here. Definitely no show stoppers.

I see it says you have a MacBook Pro 2016 that you’re possibly running Cubase on. Are you by any chance also running illegal (cracked/pirated) VST plugins or software? Is your system optimized? Are you a hobbyist? Have you read the manual? Audio interface/hardware? Could be a million things that are causing “buggy” Cubase.

i am 37. i use cubase since SX and know. it inside out. pro music producer. all of my software is legal. lol. i even own waves mercury bundle which i bought several years ago for 3000+ i think. there are some problems even with licensed software using opengl rendering (plugins like Rapid and plugin alliance unfiltered audio ZIP) or t-rakcs 5 equal. steinberg says these plugins dont work because developers should update plugins on their side while devs say that steinberg cracked opengl support. i dont want to find out who is guilty, i want all of my software up and running. in cubase 10 they do while in 10.5 they’r not. constant beachball issues and unsuable gui in some plugins. cubase 10.5 works stable, yes, with stock plugins. or maybe u’re using your cubase to record some live band shit and then add some eq and compression? i work in EDM so i use alot of advanced features on a daily basis. and i can definitly tell you, that cubase works unreliable.

look at apple for example. sometimes in one update for logic pro x they fix more bugs than steiny does in 5-6 years. i want steinberg to behave the same way. less major versions. more bugfixes. i mean, MUCH MORE bugfixes.

i even decided that from this day i will only be updating from 10.5.6 to 11.5.6. not jumping into the first wagon anymore. for me its enough.

p.s.: all my frineds who were using cubase already switched to reaper/studio one pro/fruity loops. i am the last man standing.

Funny thing is that most of the complainers are mac users these days, which used to always say, macs are best and they work straight out the box. I think only working audio program for mac is logic and garbage band these days by looking at different forums. Nevertheless, my trusty old i5 2500k with C10.5 is running like a charm still, and even couple of updates have improved the performance for me. So i´m leaning towards that Apple has crippled it´s OS by bringing too much mobile software nonsense to it´s major OS, making optimizing difficult. Just ask any devs

I’m running Cubase on MacOS and it’s smooth as butter mostly.

This Pic says it all…

FR: Volume and Pan Control in the Track Header!

(Screenshot taken from Nuendo Live) (!)

Nice. Hope you get a lovely large fader appearing when you click on that teeny, tiny volume block, so that fine adjustments are easier/more comfortable (especially when you’re live). A double-click on the pan control to get a (the usual) large window as well…? :wink:

Just checking.

Yes, good idea!
I own and use Live professionally like Cubase and Link compatibility can help a lot. Of course that needs adding some kind of jamming engine inside Cubase.

It depends on your type of daily usage and people can have different user experiences if they are using Cubase for recording, editing or beat making or mixing and etc.
For me in 10.5 version Video Export, Import Tracks From Projects, Spectral Comparison EQ and LUFS and in 10 version Vari Audio 3, VR, Snapshots and GUI movement to Pro Tools style were great while 9 and 9.5 were like more a waste of money.

This are all connected. What needed is a proper interface for software interaction with cubase.
Python language is popular for this sort of functions. But I guess C++ or Java would also work.
Then you can start to integrate any hardware, you can do very advance macros.

I’m not sure what you mean. EUCON is a proprietary ethernet protocol, now owned by Avid, for Avid hardware. Cubase is already compatible, but they don’t keep up with the developments.

And the potential hardware for Groove Agent will also be a very tightly integrated kit—not generic MIDI type control. And which third party will make a hardware controller for GA, if Steinberg offered some new way to interface?

Avid as a plugin for cubase. It uses a programming interface, so do other like Frontier etc. It make no sense to have the programming interface secret or under NDA.

MIDI is a technology from the beginning of the 80’s. I would love to so a standard protocol for this type of gadget so we dont need to worry about comparability issues. However the midi2.0 spec is a joke. And the it is not close to todays tech. Quite common today are REST, however im not sure that it is good for this. First you need some kind of function descriptions like device-tree’s used in linux community. But you have two different design options. Let the DAW be smart and do the mapping or let the remote be smart and let DAW publish it capabilities. Today daw have drivers for various gears so it is the first. It’s time to do the opposite. We are stuck we very old gears like the Mackie units, and the DAW vendors seems not to be intrested in use its potential. And it make a business sense too, they dont make money from it. Ok AVID does. Yamaha tries with Nuage. And the end users suffer from poor systems that might work with certain configurations the vendors promote in a time frame. Steinberg have is share of that with the CC121 and CMC’s, they do what they did when they are new. Lot of functions have been added to cubase since they were added, but they new functions are not added to the hardware, and it’s only about software that is missing.

Okay, so you’re saying we should have third parties develop hardware controllers, but need a new open source protocol—something bigger than MIDI, Mackie Hui, EUCON, etc etc. Right?

Something like that can only work if it’s an industry standard and not just Steinberg-only. Or else you will have something like Halion vs. Kontakt. Almost no one develops content for Halion, because almost everyone uses Kontakt.

Exactly. Not sure adding anymore bells and whistles to something that has unsolved problems is a good idea. HiDPI Scaling is still not fixed and it is something that younger/newer Daws are doing without any problems. Studio One is an example of being able to do things far more quickly and hassle free, Reaper,Ableton and Bitwig are the same. Cubase is now showing its age and bringing out Cubase 11 without fixing all the problems that came with 10 will be a massive mistake.

At the moment I cannot use Cubase because of the Scaling issues and I can’t even sell it at half price on eBay and I am not going to give it away. Long time user who has so many Cubase Projects that keeping it would make a lot of sense but the minimum that Cubase could do is make it usable, before asking for more money for an update.

Why present this as a zero-sum game? .5 updates are paid for features. We have a year for any bug fixes—why don’t you convince Steinberg to only fix bugs. And why either/or? The whole team. The whole corporation. All departments. :man_shrugging:t2:

I want to hear a Steinberg representative say this here; that new features or improvements are the only thing stopping bug fixes; that one with the other is impossible.

Quite a few things on the list are not new features per se;they are enhancements and improvements or auxiliaries.

I feel like some of us here like to think that there is one programmer slaving away at Steinberg who does everything.

es, it need to be a standard. If it is a network protocol it can be done as IETF work, or it can be AES or midi3.0 or something new. But it will of course requires that some vendeors like yamaha, apple, icon, mackie etc all agree to attack avid’s leading on this market. More or lesss I think it their only chance to keep there share of PRO market.