Cubase 11LE and Tascam US-600 - no audio

Just installed 11LE, upgraded from 5LE. Previously used Tascam US-600 for 5LE. But not recognized in the new version. When I pull up 5LE control panel is correct. Therefore, no audio. Thoughts?

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Are you on Windows or Mac, please? Do you have the latest driver installed?

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Windows. I have the 1.03v driver installed, which is the latest I see online. The control panel app does work on the computer. I can pull it up, outside of Cubase.


Is the driver 64 bit, please?

Yes. Computer would not even allow the installation of the incorrect version. I tried. Just as an option. Rejected it.


Is it an ASIO driver, please? Or is it just a WDM (or how is the generic driver named right now in Windows) driver?

What about to try ASIO4ALL?

It is noted as “generic ASIO driver”. I assume that’s the issue - that Cubase isn’t “seeing” the US-600 driver. I’ve not heard of the other option. I’m not opposed to it. Would I still be able to use the same hardware? I do pretty basic stuff, nothing complicated or overly technical.

I installed ASIO4all. It is visible as an Audio System and that pulls up in Control Panel.

I’ve set up the ASIO to the degree that I know how. But still no output to US-600 or ability to send data into DAW.


In the ASIO4ALL panel, enable Tascam card, please.

And…… SOLVED!! I can record and hear the sound via Tascam on output. Thank you!!

Or not. I can’t replicate the set up. Is a restart required if you change parameters during a session?