Cubase 11LE + Mac 11.2.1 (Intel i5) + MixPre 6ii Tracking Issues

Hi, so Cubase sees the MixPre inputs and outputs when I select the interface in Studio->Setup, but I can’t make the inputs visible.

Strangely, when I select the MixPre in Studio->Setup I’m pompted if I would like the “switch to the ASIO drivers” yet Mac doesn’t have ASIO drivers, so wondering if this indicates an issue.

But, when I go into Apple’s Audio MIDI Setup, if I change the sample rate to say 48kHz/32 float, Cubase picks this up immediately asking if I’d like to change audio settings of my current project to match, so in at least a couple ways Cubase is seeing the MixPre.

Yet, the MixPre doesn’t show up on the track input list. I can note I do have my computer audio out going through the MixPre.

I am talking to Sound Devices but no solution yet, thanks for any advice on how to get the inputs working!