Cubase 11pro Trial

I have installed CB 11 pro Trial. Now my CB8.5 pro won’t start .

elicenser Control Error :
Process with the ID NOT found.

I have to reboot the compter , then CB8.5 starts . But when I start CB11 and exit it, and start CB8.5 again it wont start.

Does it have to do with because its Trial CB11 ?


No, it’s nothing to do with Cubase 11 Trial. Your Cubase 8.5 should work the very same way as before.

Do you have the latest eLCC installed, please? Did you install eLCC as administrator? Could you try to start eLCC as administrator and trigger maintenance, please?

ok. I bought now CB11pro. Still got the Trial License on eLCC,

  • De-Installed eLCC
  • re-installed latest eLCC with Admin
  • startet eLCC as Admin , shows error “ID not found” and no license
  • started eLCC normal : no error

started CB8.5 : error “ID not found”
rebooted Computer : no error
started CB11 : no error, exit
started CB8.5 : error “ID not found”

Problem solved:

I disabled “open as Admin” for CB8.5 and CB11 and eLLC .