Cubase 11pro update from cubase 5

Hi everybody! Sorry for my question…just read the opportunity to update my old Cubase 5. It’s true? I mean…I’ve installed Cubase 5 on Win 7 64 bit: can I keep it ? Or I have to change OS to win 10 (for me it’s not important…some of my installed vst support only Win 7 64 bit).
Could I have some troubles with my e-Licenser?
Thanks a lot and stay safe!


hi Andrea,

welcome to the Steinberg Forums :slight_smile:

Cubase 11 is only supported on Windows 10 - some people seem to run it on Windows 7 but there are no guarantees it will work. It seems that the C11 installer might not even want to run .

What VST plugins do you have that are win7 only ?

Tanks so much Dr. Strangelove, I’m going to verify my last Kontakt version…I think 5. x.x…I don’t remeber right now ( Just work with libraries) …

I’m sure all version of Kontakt 5 work on windows 10 …