Cubase 12.0.10 maintenance update is now available

Same here. With Virus TI and Omnisphere in latest 12.0.10. Hope they will fix this in next update. Currently working back in Cubase 11 as it is rock solid.

Same here. With Virus TI and Omnisphere in latest 12.0.10. Hope they will fix this in next update. Currently working back in Cubase 11 as it is rock solid. Hope to see fix soon.

One of many issues. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Some of my plugins are doing this as well. The problem appears to have been introduced with the addition of the Quick Controls option.
If you toggle the QC button at the top right, the window resizes to fit the plugin, but it only applies until you close the window. The problem will reappear when you open the plugin again.
Hopefully it’s an easy fix once they find it.

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Yes I’m having this issue. Happens with Omnisphere (VST3) and some other plug-ins as well.

Thank you for the amazing new cubase12… Im having troubleshooting issues with the dolby renderer as it keeps telling me to change the khz to 48 and my sound card buffers to 512. I apply these changes and it still won’t work any help would be appreciated :pray:im using a steinberg Rt 44 soundcard all the best Sean

I just can’t seem to get Cubase to realise it has a licence. The manager opens and refuses to let me in stating no license found. I click on Retry and nothing happens.

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Calling this a maintenance update is a farce.

Cubase Pro 12 is still full of glitches and from what I can tell the update has not fixed them.

Come on Steinberg, we deserve so much better than this…

Rather than implimenting new features please fix the issues first…


This update improved overall performance for me. I was also able to work out that just one plugin - CLA Mixhub - causes an unuseable spike in ASIOGuard. The plugin is a hog anyway but it appears to not get along in my install of C12. So I can use the software, which is great. I still feel that it consumes more resources than C11. This is not noticeable everywhere. The program itself is not sluggish but it runs higher in ASIOGuard.

Check your user account

Same problem here

Check this web;

Uninstall your actual version and install the V12.0.0

Okay, just finished reading this whole thread.

Long time Cubase user (yes, since 1997), feeling the need to vent.

Firstly, I understand there’s a huge amount of complexity in developing software and taking into account all the possible combinations of people’s setups. I’m not suggesting for a minute the dev part is easy.

Yes, I’ve also been there myself when I thought something was Cubase’s fault but it turned out to be a faulty USB mouse, or a faulty USB hub or some other hardware related issue.

What frustrates me about these upgrades is that ‘my setup’ works 99% stable on C11, whereas C12 Pro has just been a crashing nightmare. (yes I’ve sent multiple crash reports already, and thank you Steinberg for making that automated, that’s very much appreciated)

Working professionally for the last 18 years or so means that you learn a few things along the way.

  • Obviously, don’t use any Cubase upgrades for client critical work.
  • Try to rule out any issues by resetting prefs, installing latest drivers for everything else and updating all plugins.

I tried a brand new project on C12, it started crashing on exit, then crashing on startup, and now completely fails to start-up. I can open the project up fine in C11, the only thing missing is the colour-scheme.

I can create a brand new empty C12 project, save the project, exit, restart, re-load, no problem.

Add one item to the project, i.e. a VSTi, or even an empty project with a bunch of empty group tracks, and on exiting & restarting, that project will not open anymore.

So back to the dongle it is for me.

What bugs me is that the last time I had to use a support ticket it took over a month to get a reply (during the pandemic admittedly). As a working professional I just need customer support to be faster.

I end up trouble shooting these things on my own time in the weekends. And as others have mentioned this seems to be a repeating cycle with the last few iterations of Cubase, that’s what I’m getting tired of.

I’m a loyal user. I love Cubase when it works. I needed to vent as it’s frustrating to want to enjoy a new version and go through the tedious steps of troubleshooting once again.

Thank you to the community who have provided many solutions over the years.
I’ll join the chorus of those who are waiting for a useable update.


Yes, I agree. Cubase customer support is very slow. Such a contrast to the Dorico support team. It has been like this for many years. It is a real thorn in the side of Cubase users and I hope Steinberg find a way to address it.

I think that Steinberg should consider a much wider beta testing effort, even it takes more time to get a product ready. Somehow they are not picking up these problems themselves, and I think testing more widely would help.


I had no idea, i thought the horrible customer service and support was a global Steinberg problem. Dorico support is good?

My apology then to non-Cubase Steinberg employees for tarring them with the same broad brush as i used to complain about Cubase support.

Which begs the question, i would think … what’s up with the Cubase support employees and mods?

Too much to deal with I guess? They all seem good people to me, but there’s some wild accusations made on here, and people with ulterior motives which tends to make reps and mods put a shell up and as a result be less transparent.

I’ve seen it before where it’s been said that they won’t announce anything because they get burnt if it doesn’t materialise in the time-frame they’d hoped for.

I feel that the Dorico userbase is more accepting, it’s a smaller community, just have a read through that section of the forum and the help reps give out - it’s entirely different vs the somewhat aggressive nature of posts that are made here.

As for customer support, who knows what number of cases they have to deal with. It could be 10’s a day, 100’s a day. Should they invest more money into those avenues or priorities investment into the development and testing of products? That’s the big question really.

It’s true that there are a lot of aggressive, entitled idiots on here, unlike the Dorico forum, but there are also a lot of sensible people with real problems too.

I think the problems seem to arise because in the real world, Cubase is used in ways that Steinberg don’t have the resources to test - different processors, plugins, interfaces etc.

That’s why I think the best way to improve the quality is to widen the beta test program.


Hello, since I installed Cubase 12 I have a crash when I import the project track configuration to another track. The new update has not solved the problem. I’ve reset the cubase preferences and it didn’t work either. In Cubase 11 it works perfectly.
I attach the report, thanks
Cubase 12-2022-04-27-025355.ips (63.8 KB)