Cubase 12.0.10 - no input track metering when using Atmos

After setting up a project for Atmos (maybe ambisonics, too?) I’ve noticed that the input meters on the Input/Output channels show the usual expected levels, however, the audio input tracks they are routed to DO NOT show meters as they do in any other non-Atmos/non-Ambi project. The track faders affect the loudness as expected; there’s just no meter updates… it’s always -infinity. audio outputs from VSTi’s update their meters just fine. If I set the track to “No Bus” or to a non-Atmos bus - voila… I see metering. Also, I’ve noticed that the VST surround panner only shows input meters - no output meters in Atmos mode. In the control room, I see the expected metering on the outputs. I hear what I expect to hear, etc… so everything is “working”, except some metering… Is this a “bug” or am I missing something?

Quick answer: Select meters to Post Fader / Panner (Right click)

That got the metering working! So I was missing something as I suspected could be the case. Thank you for your help!! Marking as solved.

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Good. Glad it helped. My Atmos live stream contains this and some other tips:

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