Cubase 12.0.10 - performance issues

When I changed to 12.0.10 my processor setting changed to 32 bit. I set it back to 64 bit and problem has not happened since. Yay!

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:thinking: Huh?

It was at 32 bit float in Studio Setup…I switched it back to 64 float and no more issues.

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I too am having this exact scenario since updating to 12.0.10.
Was working smoothly running Cubase 12 prior to the maintenance update.
Fortunately Cubase 11.5 working just fine still.
2019 MacBook Pro
OS Monterey 12.3.1
8 Core - Intel i9 CPU
16GB Ram

Switching to 64 Bit Float and restarting has seemingly dealt with the issue for me. Thanks for those who posted the solution.

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I have reverted back version 12.0.0 since version 12.0.10 was much worse and giving me audio dropouts during recording. Unfortunately for all the nice bug fixes over v12.0.0, I can’t use version 12.0.10 so I had to revert back. Hopefully soon an update. It is like they messed with the audio engine quite a bit trying to optimize it but introducing new bugs and dropouts ever since.

I am on Windows 10 latest update.

I found in the Studio set that my processor had change to 32 bit float…I switched it back to 64 bit float and haven’t had any other issues.

Just for clarification, you changed the audio sample bit depth.
You can’t change your processor bit-width. :wink:

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Yes, you can set the audio engine to work at 32 or 64 bit word length independently from the recording bit depth.

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I didn’t mean to make this into a discussion, but it is still audio sample bit depth. Has nothing to do with your CPU word length.

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Hi and I just finished updating to 12.0.10 and suddenly I’m experiencing a buffer overflow I didn’t have with cubase 12. I have a Mac mini 2018 with a intel 6 core i7 at 3.2ghz with 32gb memory. In Cubase 12.00 the only problem was stability issues. So I went to 12.0.10 thinking it would solve the problem. Now I have even more??? The strange thing is even if I use the restrain compensation I still get this. I lower the buffer to 64 still the problem is there. Song start playing and some were even if the tracks stays the same it starts doing this

It’s the resolution at which the audio engine does its calculations, but it’s not the bit depth of recorded audio. I think we probably agree on that?


Strange things I just tried the same song in Cubase 11 like most poeple are saying and there is no problems playing the same song.

May be way off base with the below, apologies ahead of time. I’m only asking to help me figure out when I should do the upgrade you so boldly did.

I’ve heard that opening a C11 song in C12 can cause problems like this, something about preferences from the former somehow causing problems in the latter.

The song that plays well in C11, but not C12 - was it by any chance created in C11?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I went from Cubase 12 to the update and the problem started. In the first version of Cubase 12 it didn’t have the problem.
I can’t go back to the first version of Cubase 12 so I went testing on Cubase 11.


how did you find that out and how did u change it to 64 again?

everyday i experience crashes, pops, stuttering, … I have updated all my plugins including soundtoy wich crash my session constantly and causes sessions to not open, also slate metatune and some plugins from plugin alliance are not functioning well with the new cb12… the biggest problem is the random stuttering and stuck on loading mixer when opening a session. its a massive headache, hoping for any clues or solutions. I will get screenshots tomorrow and crashlogs but in most cases it just freezes so i dont even get a crash log.

also got a very strange crashlog the otherday (canttuthis) or something like that, googled it and nothing came up. it basicly told me nothing. i have zero leads

Hi - not sure if this helps - but here is my story of the last few days since going to 12.0.10. I’ll say at the outset - it is a bit of an edgy HW setup, and am also on the early release of Win 11 updates for other stuff I do - but it was interesting to see such a difference in going from 12.0.0 to 12.0.10

Setup :
Win 11 (on dev release Build 22598.ni_release.220408-1503)
Dell XPS 15 7590 (i7-9750H CPU)
32GB Ram
Razor External GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super) running off the Thunderbolt port on the Dell
UR44C Interface (running USB 3)

Since going to Cubase Pro 12.0.10 after a short time (minutes) the Audio performance would degrade substantially - to the point of being unusable. I hadn’t experienced this with the previous Cubase 12 release or Cubase 11.

I noticed the problem was exacerbated moving windows around or opening new sub windows in Cubase (I have dual 4k monitors off the expansion graphics card). This has not caused a problem before.

I checked the sound device configuration and found that the only way to get rid of the issue was to disable ALL other Audio devices other than the UR44C in device manager - even though the devices are not being used by either Windows or Cubase. I haven’t had to do this in the past - (there were the sundry NVIDIA devices installed during their updates).

I tried using Asio4All prior to messing around with the Audio devices to see if there was something odd going on with the Steinberg driver in this scenario but I experienced the same issues.

So far so good.


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In the Studio Setup…Audio…Advanced Options…Processor Presicison…it had changed to 32 bit float…I changed it back to 64 bit float…and all the issues I’d had with Cubase 12.0.10 went away. I hope this works for you!

Nope no change after I put the system to 64 bit float. It’s the asio guard that overflows. This was not the case in cubase 12.0.00 I had stability issues. when your playing the song after a couple of minutes suddenly the asio guard shoots out and stops everything. I even started cubase 21.0.10 with all plugins disabled but it still does the same. Then I get the rolling ball. The program takes like a lot of time to become normal back. I have to force quit sometimes. For me this has to do with asioguard compatibility. This version needs to be revised by Steinberg.