Cubase 12.0.20 bugs

After a great new version of Cubase has been released (Version 12), the programmed has offered really great new features, and the major one to me is the batch audio quantizing. This function is something that makes the workflow a lot more flexible, to a different dimension, as you can quantize a whole group of musicians that recorded together at one shot, or a full drum set or anything that is multi miced. Amazing!
Having said that, the program is still very far from stable with its release 12.0.20, it crashes and glitches much more than the latest version of Cubase 11. In fact Cubase 12.0.0 with its own bugs was more stable than 12.0.20. And if it glitches, then you have to force quit it . When you force quit it, it cannot find the licenses of its libraries during the next attempt to open it. Then you open it without the licenses being found and close it without force quitting it, it is impossible to open any more, you have to restart the full system in order to do that, and of course if you are with a huge server processor and bunch of hooked hardware that takes another few minutes of your creative time…
With a great gratitude to the developers, please know that Cubase 12 is still very buggy with Windows, it would glitch and stop working from any more serious processor load, quite unpredictable, I am running Windows 10 driven system currently. Haven’t tried it with MAC, could be better there. I didn’t not have so much glitching and closing down experience with Cubase 11, not that I remember of . Even Cubase 12.0 was better than Cubase 12.0.20
I am hoping to a more stable Cubase 12 asap, as this is embarrassing in front of clients, interrupts work flow, make you and the software look bad, and takes much more time to create and finish a music piece.
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Stoyan Stoyanov Storn

Could these issues you have be caused by plugins you use?
In my case most of the crashes are somehow related to plugins, but I have to say it does not happen very often now after updating all of them.

Still it would be great if Cubase/Nuendo would continue to run, even if a plugin crashes. Just saves a lot of headache, time (and money in the end).
If you think the same, it would be great if you could support this FR by a vote:
Solution to crashes by plugins - Sandboxing (Crash protection) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

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Thanks for the opinion. It is possibly because of a plugin and overloaded workflow, but overloaded only for Cubase, because my RAM memory has still lots of room. It is more when processing is quite high because of heavy plugins. As I mentioned Cubase 11 was the most stable one so far, then the early Cubase 12.0.0 showed signs even of better stability, up until my shortcuts started to stop working one by one. Then Cubase 12.0.20 is totally reversed. the worse I have experienced for some time, planning to install back 12.0.0
The functionality you offer would be amazing, only if the plugin restarts with the same settings, otherwise it could be a disaster of a lost work…
I really hope for the best having so many people writing and talking about this issue. Cubase has been becoming more stable with all latest versions, but not stable enough, Cubase 12.0.02 is the worse for now.

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yeah I definitely also feel, that when working on heavier projects Cubase is less stable. Does not even have to do 100% with a specific plugin, but somehow the combination of many heavy plugins in one session using a lot of resources.

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The latest version of Cubase 12 is really affecting my work flow, alone and with clients, sometimes quite embarrassing , every now and then the program would freeze and that’s it, you know that there is no way back, then you rely on a back up few minutes ago, but if the project is very heavy it can reach up to 170-200 MB, such project take few minutes to open, so I loose 3-4 min work, sometimes very critical, if I do the backups to a faster time., then sometimes a project like this saves almost a minute, so it is a minute saving with backup and a minute or 2 work., which does not work well, so I would love to do my backups at least 5-6 min apart, but I cannot do that because I know that Cubase may crash any moment.

Right, after few days of heavy freezing and crashing, I am officially going back to Cubase 11 for all main work, I would have to open Cubase 12 when I want to quantize something with the batch audio quantize tool and open only that material. It is that bad here… Cubase 11 works very good, would crash as well on its own pace, but ratio is probably 20:1 crashes in comparison of Cubase 12/11 .
I would kindly ask Steinberg developers to get a more stable version of Cubase 12 done, at least as stable as Cubase 11, if not given a permanent solution of what has been discussed with Tj99.

Yes a lot of wasted time
it crashes all the time impossible to work
back to Cubase 11
iv waited for them to fix such a major problem but cant wait any longer

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On a conclusion to this topic, I would like to add, that Steinberg released a solid Cubase 12.0.30. Well done!
I got an issue going on from Cubase 11, when you move bunch of audio events from the parameters section on the right top by marking the events and simply moving the number of “start” up or down, the program often explodes with an error message and usually restarts itself or at least it is difficult to keep working. I really hope on solution to this in future.

Since 12.0.30 is out, this topic has become obsolete.