Cubase 12.0.20 constantly crashing & freezing

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I raised a ticket about this last week (still hoping to hear back) but on my Win 10 machine running Cubase 12.0.2 I am getting constant freezes, and subsequent crashes. Every time the program re launches i get the safe start dialog, and i have submitted a few crash dump logs to highlight the issue. Often when Im finished working on a session i save it and hit “close”, but shortly after I do that, the entire application (Cubase 12) automatically quits itself (crashes with out me hitting “quit”). Im a long time user and have always upgraded to the latest version - but this version 12 seems extremely unstable for me and its becoming unusable. Any suggestions from the Hive Mind while Im waiting for Steinberg Support to get back to me?

Greetings from Ireland!


did you try to run Cubase in safe mode? and did you try to trash all your preferences? of course I just assume you have updated your bios, your windows and plugins to the latest versions?

What does the safe start say where it crashed? Sometimes it says it crashed in xyz.vst3 or so, then it is most likely the respective plugin. If it says “Cubase12.exe”, it is probably a Cubase problem. Starting in safe mode should be worth a try, to see if your preferences are corrupt.
Else, maybe you could upload a crash dump here.

Hi, Please see my thread from a while ago. It doesn’t make good reading though :frowning: Cubase 12.0.20 crashes when I close project and project does not appear in recents - #52 by Uffe_Grydgaard

I normally work through these things, but I too have been having similar issues ever since upgrading to 12, in addition to weird pops and occasionally volume levels just pegging and almost blowing out my ear drums with headphones, it just crashes randomly especially when moving from track to track. Never had this many issues with any version. Tried safe mode, everything is updated, and all that. If it doesn’t just lock up, it will just crash all together. Very unpredictable and very annoying. Everything between 5 and 10 were rock solid. 11 had freezing issues with Sampler Control, but 12 has been very much a bust for me.


Interesting @mikehiras … I actually forgot to mention in my initial post that Im also getting weird audio effects randomly where (for example) the output level completely red lines, pops and clicks, and then all audio moves to the left speaker only. If i try something like changing the sample buffer or somthing to re-set the audio driver it doesnt solve it… I end up having to close the program (hopefully saving first before it decides to crash). I am forced to use Safe mode every time i start these days but it doesnt seem to do anything. I had no issues up until Cubase 12 actually, 11 worked great for me too. Ill try to link a few DMP files here to see if anyone can make any sense of them (im not a tech guy).

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Oh man @elgolview , thats pretty much exactly what im seeing right now. But if i read your thread right it looks like this is a known issue.

@fese - im not sure i understand you when you ask “what does the safe start say?”, apologies if im being dumb… it just says that the application previously terminated unexpectedly and then i get the 3 or 4 options regarding 3rd party plugins, my preferences etc… can you be more specific maybe? Thanks! John

Hi folks - below are a couple of Dropbox links to two crash dump logs (3Mb, 4Mb) that were created in the last couple of days. Honestly I dont know how to interpret them so I’d welcome any guidance if any of you are able to interpret these.

As far as I can see, the crashes are not caused by a plugin. Can’t say anything about the freezedump, never had them, don’t really know what they are.

it just says that the application previously terminated unexpectedly and then i get the 3 or 4 options regarding 3rd party plugins, my preferences etc… can you be more specific maybe?

Yes, try the option “Disable Program Preferences”. this temporarily disables your custom preferences and starts with defaults. If you do not experience crashes with that, it might be something corrupted in your preferences, and you might need to delete and re-create them.
If not, it is possibly a bug in Cubase…


The freeze dump comes from FabFilter-Pro-C.

The crash comes form Cubase. Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.


Thanks Martin…

In the last few days i now also note that (along with the constant crashing) that while I am trying to do an audio export (bounce down) that at some point during the export, the audio maxes out (i can see it on the meters on Pro-L which i leave open during my bounce downs) & I can clearly see that the bounce down has failed.

Whats weird is that I have tried opening some sessions in Cubase Pro 11 as a work around and Im now also seeing problems with that now, so I dont even have a fall back (& I have clients coming in this week - not good!) … Maybe a full cubase re-install (Pro 12.0.0 and Yamaha drivers) is called for at this point…

Im also now noticing that when i make a mixdown (Wav, MP3 etc) of a song & I try and play it in the stock Windows music player (groove music) that the file will not start. Same happens when i open the file with VLC (which suggests a driver issue maybe?) and when i restart the PC, the file plays just fine in Groove music. Add that to all of the cubase woes that Im having and I wonder if there’s a driver issue. I reinstalled the newest Yamaha driver, but this issue is still happening…


Are you talking about Export Audio Mixdown or Bounce Selection? Is it always reproducible? Could you attach a DMP file for this one, please?

Heres hoping that the 12.0.3 update from today helps - looks like they were well aware of the crashing problem. Just installed it, fingers crossed!

edit - I just “closed” a session, and boom, a few seconds later the application decided to close itself (i.e. without me pressing “Quit”… so even with this new 12.0.3 update on Windows 10 it looks like that issue is persisting). I can live with that if it doesnt start freezing mid session though.

I have been dealing with the same issue. I just upgraded today, so I assume I have the lates version. did updates on all plugins and firmware. But cubase keeps freezing randomly, even when just starting up a project. I Hop they can fix this fast, because this is really time consuming and frustrating

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More details about the system might help. Do you have any crash/dmp file, please?

cubase 12 dmp


There are only 2 modules loaded. One of them is PACE/iLok. The second one, I have no idea. Please make sure, you PACE/iLok software and driver is up to date.

Here because same. 2 freezes and force quits today and lost some tracking. Cubase has been rock solid for me for a long time too…

How could it be otherwise? I updated to Cubase 12 and absolutely cannot work with it. it freezes at every little step. No matter if I change the export path, import a wav file, or even if I open the explorer for a moment.

Another problem I noticed in the short time:
I can’t get along with Audio Warp anymore. It was already very cumbersome before, but now nothing works anymore. When I set hitpoints and click on “create warpmarker”, sometimes something happens, but sometimes only in some places. Then I realized that this annoying and totally unnecessary selection tool pulls a selection every time I click (making it extremely difficult for me to play) and even if I mark everything with it, it doesn’t always create warpmarkers inside the marked section. Then I realize that now all of a sudden it wants to have exactly the opposite NOT marked where markers should be created.

Crash Dumps

okay, after Cubase crashed over 20 times today (!!!), it now won’t launch. Error message: No valid license was found. Damn it!

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