Cubase 12.0.20 error/crash on "Disable selected tracks" or simply deleting audio tracks

I get 10+ error/crahes every day by disabling or deleting audio tracks in my projects since updating to Cubase 12.
Last update did not fixed that unfortunately. Deleting preferences did not help.
Don’t remember a single crash like that on the last Cubase 11 with the same setup and plug-ins.

Here’s a latest crash log, maybe someone from Steinberg could take look at it.
Thank you!
Cubase 64bit 2022.4.27 (2.7 MB)
Снимок экрана 2022-04-27 183936

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Be sure to hit the Send to Steinberg button in the safe mode dialogue.

Does this crash happen if you start up with 3rd party plugins disabled?

Can’t reproduce the crash without 3rd party plug-ins.
That’s good news but how can I indentify which plug-ins are responsible for this problem? Usually Cubase told me which plug-in is the cause of the crash (at the next startup). But this time it is not specifying anything.

I use lots of plug-ins and can’t imagine removing them one by one, especially in the middle of the work.
Maybe there’re some known compability issues between some 3rd party plug-ins and Cubase 12?
I did not install anything new after updating from Cubase 11 which was very stable on my system.

Thank you!

Use the split-half troubleshooting method

Could not find the sourse of the problem and had to work on Cubase 11 for a month. But new update (12.0.30) is stable so far and my problem seems to be gone. Thanks for the update Steinberg!