Cubase 12.0.20 maintenance update available

Unfortunately I’m still experiencing crashes with this update 12.0.20 on my home setup. (I haven’t tried at my studio yet)
Mostly hard crashes with no dmp file.

This is happening on loading projects.
When I do get a crash report on starting C12 it is indicating my RME Babyface Pro FS asio driver: fireface_usb_asio_64.dll
which is the current latest from RME.

Steps to reproduce - create an empty project (started in safe mode with no 3rd party plugins enabled). Create 10 group tracks. Save the project. Quit Cubase. Restart, try to load the project, Cubase closes itself. On restarting after that the message with the above dll file is mentioned.
Crash report sent on to Steinberg.

Win 10 x64 - happens both running as Admin and without.
C11 running stable, no issues.
As far as I’m aware the prefs are the default as when I installed C12 all my key commands and preferences were reset.

Interested to know if anyone is experiencing the same?

Performance improved a LOT with this update, thanks.

To RTT1, there are probably a lot more than 14 or 20 people that had/have issues. I don’t post a lot and I would guess that most people don’t. I gave up on 12, 12.1 and 12.2 because Steinberg support told me that I needed to have v13 plugins. I only use Waves plugins so I updated all of my waves plugins to v13 at a substantial expense. After doing so, I still could not open any projects. Steinberg then told me to contact Waves, which I did. Waves support then told me that Waves plugins are not currently supported in Cubase 12 for windows, which is what I use. I then asked for and recieved a refund from Steinberg and have returned to Cubase 11.

Steinberg support told you you had to have Version 13 of ALL your Waves plus-ins to run Cubase 12??
Where is this stated in the requirements for Cubase 12? Was this just because you were installing Cubase 12 on a windows system or was this across the board?
I have a huge amount of Waves plugins as well but I am on a 16" Intel MacBook/Big Sur

And yes, there are a lot more than twenty people with Cubase 12 issues, you dont even need to read all the closed threads to determine that. We run a full time production studio and barely have time to post about the issues that directly affect out daily workload. Most other rooms we deal with are in the same boat, they simply dont have the time to devote like the some of the epic posters on this forum do.

I called Cubase support and was told this by the person I was talking with. Waves does support v13 in cubase 12 on Macs.

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14-20 people? Seriously? I see you are new here and you don’t remember some threads from old forum where people literally ranting on some of them [CAN-6382], [CAN-27408] color menu, context menus etc etc also there are some nasty threads on “archived” forum back in the day which is lost AFAIK.

Second do you think that ppl when they got some issue with the program rush to the forum open account post thread? Nope they contact support, which in many countries gets down to local dealer and in 90% they don’t have a clue what Media Bay is, not to mention why suddenly in some version it not recognize custom tags (I am gone through that and thankfully that was fixed in some maintenance update where i was persistent to get that sorted out) so in practice lot of people just give up get used to or stay with working versions (i know personally about 10 ppl that are locked on cubase 9.5)

Third I am not commonly saying about this particular update but rather about some obvious things that gets broken which happens from year to year. Something that worked perfectly fine suddenly doesn’t.

Precisely for excess borders if you read carefully ppl post stock plugins that has the issue not with third party plugins. You and me doesn’t have that problem but as you progress with cubase you will be soon in that 14-20 ppl circle (maybe alone) where some essential thing for your workflow gets broken or even removed, and from that point you will look on these things differently. Good luck.

I just gave you a like and i just wanted to say, that you did not waste time. You have explained it in a extra ordinary clever way. You deserved a like just for that.

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Thanks man, someone gets it :grinning:

I delete my posts because it was suppose to be a throw away comment with a bit of ironic humour in it. It was suppose to illustrate how assumptions are not useful.

Unfortunately irony doesn’t that travel well.

But I get it, ppl come here because there not happy about the product so they are not reading things thinking there might be more of a nuanced point being made. Or some thinly veiled example of what “assuming” things does and how it’s not useful.

But this was getting away from ppl commenting on the product and I don’t want to derail this thread anymore than I did.

BUT I will say this…
I have worked as a developer so I know what it’s like work 12 hours a day, and often far more, for weeks then have a client accuse the teams of not doing enough or not testing things properly. It’s never that simple. Things do slip through the net and there are people behind all of this. I dare say there is someone kicking themselves over the stock plug-in issue right now. I used to beat myself up about everything that ended up with a defect. But people are people so things happen. It’s not that ppl who develops just don’t care, no one should assume that. If you spend most of your life for months working on a bit of code and it gets a defect you tend to feel terrible about it, it’s been your life for so long. There is no perfect situation but what I do know is once your in the thick of it and your fighting fires left right and centre to get things fix, then other things seems to go wrong. But once the majority of issues are resolved then things will get better.

I guess what your saying is testing should be more like Ableton where anyone can sign up and do beta testing. Well Ableton still release things that need fixes. There is no perfect solution. I think Steinberg do something similar anyway, it’s just harder to get invited to take part, that’s all.

I’ve used Cubase since the early 1990s and it’s a great product. There are always issues with any software though, just ask a Pro Tools user.


I am having same issue.

Do you have to open in admin every time, or just once, to correct the problem?
I haven’t experimented much, but I’m having frequent “freeze” shutting down Cubase since the 10.0.20 update.
I’m working on a MIDI Remote driver, so it’s possible something I’m doing wrong.
I posted a more general question regarding whether MIDI Remote API is suspending callbacks prior to shutting down. I can’t confirm, but it would certainly be an issue if the callbacks were still active when the callback “address” is invalid.

Yes I’m in admin mode for cubase now and it closes yet flawlessly.

NOW ONLY IF WE CAN GET LIKE 40 MORE UPDATES. Come on, guys. This is crazy.

Logical presets vanished after updating to v12.0.20

Cubase Elements 12, Windows 10.

Still waiting…

Being a programmer is not easy, and most of the times you work with plenty of people on the same part of the project, so errors happen here and there and it might not even be your fault.
There are also times, where you would like to fix certain things, but your boss tells you to focus on other things and prioritize there. Its much more complicated than some might think.

But, I would also welcome an open BETA, I somehow like to find bugs and report them (after having worked over 10years in a software support staff, lol).
So everybody knows, this has to be tested, and there won’t be rants anymore here.
As soon as the biggest issues are sorted out, the new version will then be released and everybody i happy. So @Steinberg if you read this, I would happily join the beta test group to sort out problems in the first place!


I’d like to do that too.

I don’t think that is how it works. Everyone is thinking of Ableton which I do some beta testing for but that is because I paid for the product. Anyone can join if they have already bought the product, and by that I mean the major release they are testing.

When I had Ableton version 9 they allow you to join their open test group for beta testing of version 9 changes only. But they do not invite anyone to test version 10 before it is released. Like with 11, only once 11 was released was I then invited to their beta test group again for version 11. In essence we are invited to test incremental updates on product we have already paid for. I could be wrong in this but I think it’s not for major paid updates before they have been released.

If it was Cubase we would not be invited to test C12, only 12.0.10 etc if we had already bought and paid for C12. That’s the Ableton model I think.

Otherwise companies are giving their latest software to anyone who wants to test it for free and it could get cracked or they could post info about it on the internet before it is released. Plus there is no incentive for ppl to buy it if they just get a copy to test for free without withdrawing licenses etc.

The process here is probably requirements gathering, functional spec created, design documents, developers code, dev unit test their own code, they then move that to a test environment with all the other code bases. Then there will be some form of end to end testing. Then a user group will start testing this and they could be given user test cases or “Stories” to follow. There can be automated execution of test cases as well. That is probably performed by an employee testing team. Only then will it be released to a closed test group to find issues which are then fixed before a Gold Copy is created. I guess is is that final alpha test group you want to join, not an open beta test group.

I do see Ableton has a closed “Alpha” test group which ppl can apply for but that is a closed group like all other vendors. So even Ableton do not test their new releases to wide open beta test group either.

But for incremental free updates it makes sense to open it up I guess. Then learn from those changes and implement that into the next big release some how.

I do not think there are any DAW manufactures that have open Alpha test groups for new software they have yet to release. But I could well be wrong of course, would not be the first or last time lol

Then by definition, it is not a beta test.

Beta testing is just opening up a test of software bugs to a wider group of users, that’s all. It is exactly what Ableton do. They will add a new beta version on their beta test site and they add release notes of what has changed. You go to that site download the change version and used it to create projects and note back any issues via their website. We are testing new items in the code.

It’s just their major releases are harder to get onboard to test that’s all.

Maybe that is not a text book definition in one place but it will be in another. I see software vendors perform E2E testing where data goes in and then a report is generated. If they can find the inputs on the reports they are happy the E2E part is complete. But then I have see some software vendors check every single calculation along the way in E2E even though the same test will be done in UAT. There are definitions for these things and some vendors probably stick to that but others do variation in each of their testing phases.

I have even seen developers being asked to create the Use Cases which is utterly insane. But the end client thought, “I paid them to create the software and I want to get extra out if them”, what a foolish attitude that was lol.

After 30 years of software implementations I have given up trying to say this phase should only be done like this or it’s not really correct. The end client usually wins that argument anyway, it’s just too exhausting.