Cubase 12.0.20 Project not loading in 12.0.30 - incorrect version splash screen error

Not too sure whats going on.
Project ws working yesterday and today since updating to 12.0.30 the project wont open and reports
"Project “xxx” was created with Cubase 1.x. This program version cannot load it.
How can I fix this please?

I got the same problem when trying to update to 12.0.30…it shows error 267.

This is not a fix by any means but you could import your tacks from a previous version into an empty project , all plugins and channel settings will follow .
What OS are you using ?
Im able to load C 11 projects and .0.20 projects no problem which i couldn’t do in .0.20

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Yes thanks for the tip - I managed to do this from the backup project (which failed to launch) unfortuntaely the import pops up with the same error (incorrect cubsae version) on track import also on the CPR project.
Windows 11 (which could be an issue with some 3rd party plugins) however Im noticing other issues with the latest version with GUis, hangs, licensing missing issues (reboot fixes this) and lenghty library rescans.
Im on the edge of rolling back but going to check drivers etc all updated just in case.

When you updated to 12.0.30 did you do that via the download manager ? Otherwise you have to also update the new license manager, that should be at 1.3.x now.