Cubase 12.0.30 Audio Drop-outs / Stumble

Have updated to 12.x.30 and I am getting audio dropouts / stumbles during playback and also rendering to MP3. They occur randomly during the tracks. All tracks show proper volume, all tracks suffer the dropout / stumble … Makes it impossible to complete a project.

Mac 2014 build I5 Dual core 8gb Ram 1600 Mhz DDR3 … Big Sur 11.6.6 , Not able to update to Monterey at this time due to compatibility issues with other Software.

Same thing on a windows 11 box. The track continues to play, but the sound drops out, eventually comes back, drops out again.

Same issues here. Windows 10. Very high CPU load with minimal tracks loaded.
No issues when loaded into 11.

Occurs from time to time with me, too. (Windows 11).

Same issue for me. I have a UR816 interface so also Steinberg. I’ve even tried the “stable” driver setting and it still does it from time to time which is really frustrating. It is normally in the middle of a good take too :-). I have also tried disconnecting the internet connection just in case updates are causing an issue. As far as I remember this didn’t happen before.