Cubase 12.0.30 keeps crashing

Hi! I just downloadead Cubase 12 pro free trial, as i was very excited to try the new features. It all worked great for a minute, but then the sotware freezed, and now every time i try to open it it keeps crashing on start up. The only way i can get it to work, is by choosing default options about audio and plug ins, which is uncomfortable of course because i have to set my preferences all over again every time.
I hope someone can help, i was really excited about buying Cubase 12 pro… not so much now of course :confused:
I work on Windows 11 pro (21H2 version), 64 bit.
Intel(R) Core™ i5-8250U CPU (4 cores)
12Gb RAM

Saludos desde Chile!

Here´s the latest freeze report:
Cubase 64bit 2022.7.29 (603.5 KB)

Have you added an exception to your antivirus to exclude your install and projects directories?

omg yes! Yout think that’s it? that easy? i hope you’re right. I’ll reactivate my antivirus with no exceptions and see if that does it. Thanks!