Cubase 12.0.30 performance issues

You can’t assume that there is a new fault in Cubase. It could still be the plugin has a bug which has been exposed by a legitimate change to Cubase.


So far so good. Plug-ins windows are finally fixed. So far I didn’t found any issue. It’s running ok

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Any legal claim based on contract is against the retailer, who is the counterparty in your contract to purchase, not against Steinberg.

Your claim would have to be bought under the law under which the contract is formed. If you bought online from Steinberg and are in the UK, that is the law of Germany. This is because you bought from Asknet Solutions AG, a German company, who state in section 17 of their terms and conditions that German law shall apply. This type of jurisdictional clause is common in contracts.

If you bought Cubase as a consumer, Asknet’s terms also provide for the use of the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution portal, but this is not available to UK consumers - only to those in the EU or three of the four non-EU EFTA countries (Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein).

If you had bought Cubase as a consumer, any claim you brought in Germany would be under the transposition of Directive (EU) 2019/770 into German law, particularly Articles 7(a) and (b), 8(1)(a) and 8(1)(b), 11(2), 12(2) and 14.

However, you have made it clear that you bought Cubase as a business - “As a professional commercial studio…”. That means that you entered into the contract as a business, so consumer protection law does not apply to your purchase. Your sole legal remedy is to sue the retailer for breach of contract according to German law. At that point, my expertise ends; my legal training is in the law of England and Wales and EU law. My training does not extend to civil law jurisdictions including Germany. All I can do is point you to Book 2 of the Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, noting that it is the German version that is definitive and that the linked English translation, even though it is on the Federal Ministry of Justice’s website, appears not to have been updated since 2013.

If you are going to assert legal rights, you need to assert the correct rights to the correct party in the correct manner - not the wrong right to the wrong party in an Internet forum!

Your costs of obtaining help from someone admitted to practice law in Germany would likely far outweigh the amount you paid to update to Cubase 12.

Your situation is complex, as the crashes are coming when Cubase is used in conjunction with third-party plugins. I have had a look at the dump files you submitted, and they don’t give many clues to my eyes as to what is wrong. I have the same version of Ozone 9 Imager.vst3 as you installed on my Windows 10 21H2 system and it does not make Nuendo 12.0.30 does not crash on launch (I don’t have a Cubase licence any more; Nuendo is pretty much a superset of Cubase Pro). There is something different about your environment and mine regarding the ability to use this plugin.

I don’t own or use any Waves plugins, so I cannot comment there. However, @KT66 has observed that both plugins work for them.

Many of the issues that users are reporting are related to plugins and VSTs that are not compatible, often due to their not being the most current version. Have you made sure that all your third-party plugins and VSTs are the most recent versions and have you checked with the plugin and VST vendors to determine if they are aware of compatibility issues?

If you desire a refund why don’t you contact Steinberg Customer Support and discuss it with them?


Many freezes where I had to kill Cubase with the task manager. After that, projects could no longer be loaded and when initializing plugins Cubase froze (only a restart of the system helped). Sometimes also freezes directly after export/mixdown (the audio file was also corrupt, so the export was interrupted somehow).
Something is not working properly with Cubase 12…0.30 (Windows 10, Intel i7)


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I discovered Sonarworks SoundID is causing major spiking on my M1 Mac, which I usually have inserted in Control Room. I swapped this out for the earlier Reference ID and all my issues have gone!

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Question is the problem with plug ins only while using them? or can they cause issue just for being installed?


halion 6 is crashing cubase 12 pro
everytime i change values in halion 6

last 2 years it happened sometimes but since yesterday it happens everytime!

halion 6 is a steinberg product, why it crashes
cubase!!! unbelievable!!!

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CB V12.0.30 becomes unresponsive when closing ANY project file except a blank/empty one.

The only way to then close CB is to force close it in Task Manager.

This did NOT happen in CB 12, CB 12.0.10, CB 12.0,20, and never happened in any other previous version of Cubase.

Cubase V12.0.30 is unuasable.


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Hmm, there’s got to be something about your setup, Kenny, if it becomes unresponsive whenever you close a project. That doesn’t happen to me or most other people.

I’m not saying it’s not the fault of Cubase, it could be, but there is something about your environment specifically that is contributing to the problem - plugins, corrupted preferences, graphics card issues for example.

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Nope nothing wrong with the machine.

Cubase Pro 11 performs flawlessly, as does pro Tool and Albeton Live 11.

The issues I am reporting in this thread have ONLY started with the 12.0.30 update and were not present in the previous versons of CB 12.

The hanging on closing has been reported by a number of users on the different CB 12 versions so it is not confined to just my machine.

No issues here with 12.0.30 Nuendo or Cubase. Kontakt and other plugins all working fine. No hangs etc during operation or when exiting. Windows 10 pro latest updates etc.

I did have baffling hangs on the odd occasion and worked out in the end that it was a particular SanDisk USB3 pen drive. It was new, just faulty I guess.

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Same here. We have two Intel iMacs, both running CB Pro 12.0.30 and Kontakt 6 with no issues.

I don’t dispute that, but if you don’t look into the possible triggering factors you won’t fix it, or be able to ask Steinberg to fix it. The next version of Cubase 12 is months away.

I have to join the Kontakt/issues line.

I have a brand new PC, just built last week. Not even two weeks old. Works beautifully…however…I’m using Cubase 12.0.3 at the moment. Kontakt 6 is an issue here. When the Kontakt track is record armed, and either playing back midi or especially inputting midi, there’s horrible rapid Asio spikes. Unarming the track and then playing back does not present any issues. So far, Kontakt is the only problematic VSTi on my end.

After using 12 for a while, I installed C11. This issue is not happening in Cubase 11.

Windows 11
Main drive is a 1 TB Western Digital SSD
Kontakt samples are all on a 2 TB Samsung SSD

Not wanting to state the obvious, but have you tried deleting your preferences? Often sorts all manner of issues.


ive got the same pc and ive got same problem…in 12.0.20 it was fine ive updated to 12.0.30 and now im getting massive cpu spikes and im having problems with halion 6 and izotope plugins.

where can i get the last installer 12.0.30 is useless now i cant load up any of my tracks ive been working on past few weeks…they loaded up fine in 12.0.20

Some kontakt scripted libraries can not work reliably with very low buffer sizes. Most of those need 256 buffer at least, cause the scripting needs to decide which sample to use, like with auto legato etc.
So mentioning which library causes the spikes is needed and checking if another does not useful.