Cubase 12.0.30 so many problems, not closing, licensing issues

I dream of the day cubase works as intended, but i’m starting to lose faith.

You supposedly fixed cubase closing in the last maintenance update, but nothing has changed.
It still freezes every single time i close a project, which i have to force quit. And then every time i try to reopen cubase i’m faced with “No valid license found. The program will quit now”. And the only way to fix that is by restarting the PC. I’m losing my mind over here…

I am on Mac Monterey, and have the same problem. I love Cubase, but I can’t even open it. The Steinberg Activation Manager show Cubase activated, but when I try to open it I get the “No license found” message. I have restarted my Mac several times… hasn’t helped. I don’t know what else to do.

It finally worked after I updated the Steinberg Activation Manager.

Try updating the license activation manager. Ppl that updated outside of the download assistant have to up date the license manager manually as well

I cannot speak to your specifics or, indeed, about the license-specific issue- however, I had a Project close issue and found it to be certain VST’s, not Cubase itself. I rooted them out one-at-a-time and found them to be those with weird challenge-response license processes as well as a few badly written freebies.

Hope this helps…