Cubase 12.0.4 crashing on startup in Monterey

Hi all - I upgraded to Monterey and Cubase 12.0.4 is crashing on startup - I don’t even get into the program. I read that Groove Agent SE could have caused that so I installed the latest version but that didn’t change anything. It crashes on the VST Mixer part of the loading screen. The only thing that seems to load it is if I disable all third-party plugins, but I have a lot of plugins and going through them one by one to find the culprit will take forever. Strangely, once I do load Cubase with “disable all third-party plugins”, I am still able to load all my third-party plugins in a project…not sure how.

Is there a better approach to fixing this? Should I reinstall Cubase? Everything was working fine in Big Sur.

Cubase 12-2022-09-23-125756.ips (50.5 KB)


Attach the *.ips file, please.

It has been my experience with Cubase is to back up your preference folder and then delete it before you start up the new version. That takes care of most of the issues that you are going to have. You can always reset your settings from the your preferences backup.

Have added my IPS file to the original post.

Had never used chat support but they got it fixed for me quickly! Super helpful. Looks like Slate VSX is blacklisted now and was causing the crash for some reason.