Cubase 12.0.40 Windows 1903

Hi, Does anyone know if the latest rollout of Cubase 12 is compatible with windows 10 - 1903?

I’m running 12.0.30 at the moment and don’t want to update my OS til I’m done with this series of projects.

I think we already have a newer Windows 10 build: 19044.2006
And Cubase 12.0.40 (which is the latest Cubase build if I’m correct) is working on it.


yes there is a newer build but I won’t update to it until I’m done with these projects. Just seeing if 1903 works with 12.0.40

If by 1903 you mean 19H1, the officially supported Windows 10 platform for Cubase / Nuendo 12 is 21H2 minimum, if I recall correctly. It may work OK on 1903 but it will be unsupported.

Thank you