Cubase 12.0.5 update, where is Midi Remote Script for AKAI MPK225?

After updating to version 12.0.5, scripts for Akai MPK261 and MPK249 are available.
The Akai MPK225 script is not there.
Steinberg could you explain why? It seems illogical not to release the script for MPK255 as well.



Add the feature-request tag, please.


Hello, Same Question, will it be available somewhere? Or soon? MPK225, Cubase Pro 12.

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Yes, I just purchased an Akai Professional MPK 225 thinking it was included in Cubase pro 12.5 …(as I saw it before… but now it is gone…and I am not sure if I need to return the unit(I like it , I wanted it, I thought it was going to work with Cubase Pro 12 - It was 2x as much as the next unit, but I wanted to get something that I knew would work… why did Steinberg remove it from the list of Midi Contollers?
CAN SOMONE PLEASE GET ME THE FILE? I would love to keep the keyboard and use it correctly!

I know if someone has the MPK225 they can export the file and I can use it… PLEASE … tryin to make some music here… :slight_smile:

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I’m still looking for the mpk 225 script. It’s not there in Cubase 13 either. Can any of you help me? thanks in advance

Hi, yea, I think , the MPK 225 is now available in Cubase 12 and 13 - I think :thinking:
What version are you on ?

I just re-read your previous post,I think I own a different unit.
My apologies

And waiting - just bought cubase 13 and it is not in there

Hey there. Tried that already?