Cubase 12.0.50 not quitting cleanly

When quitting Cubase, a “ghost” process remains alive that shows up in the task manager under Windows 11. I was alerted to that issue after having opened and quit Cubase several times. The remaining ghost processes added up and hogged the CPU. Even a single one of them will eat up 10% of my CPU time. This is not just a cosmetic issue.

Tried to restart the PC, updating Cubase to the latest version, and closing projects before quitting Cubase. Nothing helped.

Is anybody else aware of this?

not happening here but lots of reasons why this can happen - impossible to say without further details.

if I were to randomly guess - it might be a plugin not exiting cleanly ?

Does this happen on a NEW - BLANK project ?
Anything logged in the windows application log ?

I think it’s unlikely to help but I’d also install 12.0.52

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Can also happen if the Cubase Preferences file is messed up.

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yep - and possibly related to

but without more info we’re just speculating…and even with more info we will probably only be speculating then :smiley:

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Thanks for the ideas. I‘ll try a new, blank project and also starting with all plug ins disabled. But not sure what to do and how to fix this once I know what it is. Let‘s see if support has any bright ideas. Thanks again for your help!

I definitely have been seeing this in 12+. I assume it’s plugin related but it happens a lot after I close the project, wait awhile, and then try to exit Cubase from the menu.

It happens here also. Cubase indefinitely stays in the Background processes in the task manager. Ive tried to create a dmp and debug it with WinDbg but it doesnt show any info in these cases- if there is a different type of crash I can always see what caused it with WinDbg. But usually this kind of hangs are connected with either the graphic driver or audio driver not releasing at quit.

In my case it doesnt eat any CPU just 200megs of RAM and doesn cause any issues.

The only thing Ive discovered so far is that it usually happens if I do a mixdown of a project and then quit Cubase.
Its been going on since the release of v 12 but its much rarer in last maintenance updates (12.0.50+)

same here,

99%when closing cubase 12pro the program crashes!

…since C12

I have definitely been experiencing this since 12+ This happens when quitting the application and I usually have a project open.

I have been facing this problem too. Is your computer connected to the Internet when this happens? I’ve noticed that these freeze periods usually happen when I’m connected to the Internet, and I see that the license manager is fine, taking a while to confirm the license.

Yes, my laptop is connected to the internet. It doesn’t happen all the time, though. I suspect it might have to do with a VST instrument (jamstix) I’m using. But I’ll have to do more experimenting before I can be sure.