Cubase 12.0.51 Does not quit

Not ever but sometimes

Continuing the discussion from Cubase 12.0.10 Does not Quit:

Cubase12.exe_221125_115624 (2).zip (2.7 MB)

The problem seems to be in the Kontakt 7 library

Btw: You have packed the DMP file into a rar package and that is in a zip file. You don’t need to put a DMP file into a compressed archive, which is in a compressed archive. Just upload the DMP file or put it into just one archive.

But the problem lives before I install kontakt 7

And it’s the same when y buy cubase 12. I have cubase 11 too and there isn’t any type of problem

Cubase 64bit 2022.11.25 (1013.1 KB)

I can’t tell you why it doesn’t happen in Cubase 11, but in Cubase 12.

The new dmp file you provided now shows another plugin, that is clearly crashing

Did you try to run Cubase 12 in safe mode, just to see if the problem shows up there as well?

This I think yes because crash in cubase 11 too but kontakt never in 11

in safe mode (without third part plugin it’s all ok) But I buy Audiobro Lass3 and without kontakt 7 not work because it’s a kontakt library