Cubase 12.0.52 ... Crash

Attaching crash dump…
Working on older project - copied folder contents from archive to working drive (new folder name).
Project opens with warnings for older assignments and plug-ins not used any longer. Cleaned out those items from project. Updated everything to current working environment. That was yesterday.

Today I opened the project and got the ‘crash warning’ screen although there was not indication of a crash yesterday. Proceeded as usual (using current config and plug-ins). Worked without issue for about an hour. Selected a new sound in Halion Sonic and went to save the Multi. Suddenly received the dreaded ‘a serious error has occurred. Save your project under a new name’ screen.
Tried to save the project and received the message, “Unable to save file. Project is corrupted.”
Closed Cubase (the project closed but Cubase hung up for a long time). Terminated process from Task Manager.

Looked in the project folder and no backup files were saved. The last saved file was from yesterday. Is this due to the new location (name) of the working folder? If so, how can I change that location to the new one.

This has been an issue for me at times when I work on an old project - audio files are still recorded to the old folder. Shouldn’t the program reference the folder relative to the location of the project file?
Cubase 64bit 2023.1.21 (860.1 KB)

For all who are having crash problems here is a valuable tip in avoiding crashes. If you are using Ozone plug-ins be sure to use the latest version some version are not supported in Cubase 12 and most of the time they will cause crashing of your system. I have noticed that Ozone 9 adv an neutron 3 with the Relay and Rebalance cause problems i switched to neutron 4 and Ozone 9 Pro and had no issues anymore. I don’t know if other plug-ins are having the same issues. You will have to check them one by one and see if Steinberg have a list of plug-ins that have to be updated to work with Cubase 12.0.52.

Went back to the project and it appears that the issue was entirely the Halion Sonic Multi file that was an issue. Rebuilt that file and all is well.
But why no backups where saved the hour or so I was working… auto backup is 15 minutes… I have plenty now!!!

Can you share the info? were to find the file etc.

Which file are you looking for? The Halion Sonic file?
All the VST3 files are stored here - C:\Users[username]\Documents\VST3 Presets