Cubase 12.0.7 hangs on startup (Checking licenses)

I disabled it. But “Checking licenses” still takes 2 minutes (not responding). Never had this problem before. It popped up a week ago out of nowhere using Cubase 13.0.20. Then I updated to 13.0.30 and the problem continued with it.

Now on startup I have to wait 10 mintutes for cubase to pass “checking license”. Probably have to delete preference folder again soon. Seems to take longer and longer the more stuff I change in Cubase. I live in sweden. What local support should I contact?

Did you check my preference folder?

What you could try and report: download and install Nuendo 13 (trial), then start it. Basically Cubase and Nuendo are the same DAWs (based on the same platform), on my PC Nuendo started flawlessly not as Cubase did. So why?

Good idea I´ll try that.

So I tried removing one folder at a time in Cubase preference folder. When I removed the folder “TreeView” and left everything else as is, Cubase starts fast and normal again. It´s weird because when I added the “Treeview” folder back in again to see what happened, cubase started normally too. But I removed the “Treeview” folder again anyway and we´ll see how long cubase will start normally without the freeze on “Checking licenses”.

So now I can keep all of my settings and keycommands and only remove the “Treeview” folder if cubase starts freezing on “Checking licenses” again. (Or will see if it will work a second time)

This makes no sense to me. So will see what happens the next few days.