Cubase 12.0.70 - all of sudden not running smooth

Please can anyone advise if this could be a result of the recent update. pulled a sng together about a month ago and all seemed fine. finally sat down to do some work on it and the software is like heavily buffering but CPU is fine, all other software is working ok (Maschine) all other songs done in the past are having the same issue so its not the song being heavy in samples. its even buffering on an empty track.
Running ryzan 5 decent CPU only using about 8 GB of RAM. 512 samples @44100 ghz. Internal clock stale, I have reinstalled cubase but making no difference,. any ideas.

OK found the issue so will leave this on for anyone, Not sure why even after reboots and was still an issue the interface needed to be turned of and back on… must have crashed, lot of messing when should have been the first thing I checked, however it worked fine with my other DAWS very strange.


And you really think without naming the interface, it is really helpful?

Allow me to re-phrase the comment by @st10ss:

It might be of additional value, if you would mention the audio interface make and model needing a hardware reboot to eliminate the issue you’ve documented.

Not only because that doesn’t seem to be a very common occurrence, and also on the outside chance, that a firmware update to that particular interface might be available and advisable.

For making your observation more widely useful, because easier to find: Maybe even edit the title of this thread to read something like “Cubase not smooth - had to reboot my XYZ audio interface” or something along those lines.

I had a similar thing last year on another earlier version (12.0.20 maybe?). Even after a restart the issues remained, So I reinstalled Cubase, and it was still the same.

It was only when I deselected the audio interface in Cubase settings, turned off the interface, rebooted, turned it back on, and re-selected it - that it started working correctly.

I don’t know what caused it though, as the problem never came back. May have been a Windows update, or a driver update that Cubase wasn’t aware of until I reselected the interface again maybe(?).

Apologies not mentiined the interface. the chap is a tad rude in the thread. no need for that rubbish tbh. Behringer UMC 22. i have reinstalled all the drivers. The interface works perfectly when i turn it on and off after cubase is open. but if i boot cubase up the issue is there even if i swap settings to other drives such as asio 4 all then back. the unit literally needs to ve turned on and off. Looks like a fault as develped with the interface. I have wrote to Behringer as within warrenty. Like I said all latency etc are ok. I need to run some scanario testing again but it worked fine when using Maschine. bit odd.

Well, this comment definitely isn’t any helpful either. At least you could have asked in a nicer way.

Forget about this guy. Hes constantly unfriendly and condescending.

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Funny enough, I was using an UMC1820 when I had my similar problem. Also a Behringer.
But it only occurred the once for me, luckily.

It will be interesting to see what kind of response you get, and whether there is a firmware fix for it. It could be ASIO4ALL related too, of course.

So spent a couple of hrs trying to root cause. the issue does not occur with Maschine using the behringer. i have changed the usb cables and it still has issues with cubase but not machine. im now starting to think it could be cubase related. I have live pro so will try record or import a audio file i have recorded on dame computer to see if it does the same if not im leaning to think it maybe cubase. again reinstalled the driver for umc. Reinstalled cubase still the same, cleared all cach temp files to maximise cpu but no change. All buffer layency settings all ok. Will try the interface on my gigging laptop see if it works ok on that with dame version of cubase, i will update you.

ok so VSTlive importing same file and same computer no issues at all even multiple reboots. I have hooked up the interface to my laptop with same version of cubase and appears fine. Something has changed on my main PC… Now thinking it must be driver related. what a pain in the ass.
Uninstalled the behringer driver andcreinstalled still same. checked the difference between the settings on the lap top cubase and pc and think i jave found the issue. For some reason and I dong how or when I changed the HW sample rate to 48.000ghz from 44.100 ghz… gunna do a few more reboots fingers crossed

I found that quite a few standalone software instruments change the ASIO sampling rate to whatever their own preference settings are, rather than respect the current setting of the ASIO control panel.

So I went through all of my standalone instruments and changed their ASIO settings to be the same as I want for Cubase.