Cubase 12.0.70 crashing constantly, even without a project loaded

Hey guys!

I’ve been having a truly troubling time with Cubase 12 recently. The program will abruptly crash completely - sometimes even without having a project loaded, eg. if I happen to alt+tab to my RME TotalMix window, for example. Win11, Intel i9-10900X @ 3.70GHz, 64 GB RAM.

To add insult to injury, even though I have auto save enabled, if a project is open during a crash, when I reopen Cubase, there will be absolutely no backup available beyond my previous manual install.

I am completely perplexed by this. Please help!

Apparently I can only add 2 attachments as a new forum member, so enclosed are the two most recent DMPs from today:

Cubase 64bit 2023.9.17 (1,7 Mt)
Cubase 64bit 2023.9.17 (1,2 Mt)

Any help would be much appreciated. It’s a terrible feeling when you’re working on music and mixes while knowing you can’t trust your DAW not to crash without warning. I’ve been a Cubase user since C5, but I’m seriously considering switching to another DAW due to C12’s instability.

You’re saying you’ve been using Cubase for 10 years, and recently you have crashes, and for this you would actually switch daws? That solution seems out of proportion to the problem.

But I’ll calm down now. The crashes are in opengl.dll, which doesn’t tell us much in itself, but a forum search for opengl crash met shed some light on the topic for you.

Most likely it’s a plugin that’s causing this.

You can rule that out by starting Cubase is safe mode with 3rd Party VSTs disabled.

Closer to 20 years. I was being a bit dramatic in the moment, but as I’m sure you understand, prevailing issues like these can be quite taxing, especially if they persist and no reason or remedy can be found. No worries though, I’m far from switching camps just yet. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads-up regarding the dump files. I continued poking around and MIGHT have discovered something resembling a smoking gun: one of the projects that kept crashing had my old setup’s I/O template (I hadn’t noticed as it didn’t impact mixing). I switched it to my new layout, and lo and behold, no crashes!

If this proves to be the solution, checking the software routing might also be the key in pinpointing issues with a couple of other strangely unstable (older) projects of mine. Fingers crossed!

Totally understand that.

Were there any plugins involved in the old i/o setup? I think routing on its own would not cause a crash, though maybe some impossible routing could? Seems unlikely.

Did you try the troublesome project with plugins disabled?

I ask these because maybe there’s a bug somewhere in all this, and it would be nice to reveal/report it.

Yeah, unfortunately my celebrations were premature as the crashes resumed shortly after my previous post. C12 also tends to crash sporadically after closing one of the affected projects, so it’s not just about the alt-tabbing or routing.

As I mix almost exclusively with plugins and most of my chains are software-heavy, it’s going to be a bit of a chore to pinpoint which plugin is the culprit. If anyone has any insight into how I should go about trying to identify the problematic plugin(s), please chime in! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Having researched the OpenGL issue a bit, Waves’ name tends to come up the most. I have a bunch of Waves plugins on the problematic projects, but as I tend to use at least a few of their plugins on just about every project and haven’t come up on the same issue repeatedly, I can’t safely call their software the problem. At least not yet.

Use the split half method.

Briefly -
Remove half your plugins and restart the daw…

  • if problem still exists remove half the currently active plugins, and repeat until you isolate the problematic one
  • if problem doesn’t exist load the other half of your plugins, and continue from above.

I analysed your crash dump and it points to Graphics drivers. This is the faulting module: opengl32.dll
Update your graphics card drivers - or indeed downgrade them if you have you upgraded them more recently

As I said above. But look at the other crash.

It’s not necessarily the driver faulting, but a plugin that crashes the graphics structure

Didnt see your reply before posting.

Since there is no project loaded and no plugins invoked (according to the subject) wouldnt it make sense that a plugin causing the issue is unlikely

@mart You’re right. I confused myself! Both these logs say the same thing. I must have opened a crash downloaded from a different topic. :flushed:

:+1: Ah ok. cool. Hopefully it helps the OP