Cubase 12.0.70 not allowing me to add inserts

When I click channel 1, which is my Drum Kick, after clicking “Edit Channel Settings”, the lines where you can add effect inserts do not show up and right clicking only shows bypass/copy/paste/clear options. What did I do wrong, or should do, to add effects only for this channel and not all channels in my recording? I used my Yamaha MO8 sequencer to export the
song [MID Audio File (VLC)] to a flashdrive, then into this new project. I’m a newby if you’re guessing why!! :slightly_smiling_face:

You tried to add audio effects to a MIDI track.

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I’ll try to convert the MIDI tracks to audio - thanks for quick reply!!

Can Elements 12.0.70 convert MIDI to audio? I’ve been looking at Youtube vids all day - none uses Elements - all use Cubase PRO! Please help or show me where to find solution. Thanks!!

I think you can use Render in Place, or export selected track and Re-import to new audiotrack…

You have to record to an audio track in real time.
The MIDI is send to your MO8? That means that the MO8 generates the actual sound. Now you have to connect its audio outputs to your audio interface’s inputs.
In Cubase create an empty stereo audio track and set its inputs to the the input bus that you’ll have set up in Audio Connections.
The recording itself has to be done in real time by pressing the Record button.

Render In Place is not available in Elements. Believe me, I looked!! :slight_smile: Thanks!!

Cubase pro is worth it just for render in place if you use a lot of vst instruments

Yes - this sounds like the solution. I did this for my microphone and acoustic guitar using M-Audio FastTrack interface years ago. I was also successful going from my MO8 to computer and then from MIDI to audio, I just forgot how after almost 8 years ago. I finally found the way I did it years ago:

  1. I muted all tracks except the one I wanted to export audio mixdown.
  2. Drag-n-drop the new WAV file back into project as audio.
  3. Repeat for all tracks.
    Now, I must buy an interface ($$) - I’m tired of shelling out for accessories! I know I’ll have success with it, though. There must be a way to record from sequencer to Cubase in audio w/o paying for an interface. I have both USB cable and M-Audio MIDI In-Out cable connections available from the Yamaha MO8. If you know how, please let me know, else, that’s the next problem to solve. Thanks for all of your advice!!

Johnny, forgive me - I was frustrated from yesterday and just skimmed your reply, but just re-read what you said!!! I’ll try creating a blank audio track and setting its inputs to the input bus that should show my MIDI connection. Will let you know…

Not quite what I wrote. You cannot connect MIDI to an audio track. The audio signal of your MO8 must enter the computer somehow. If it is via USB, fine. Then that should be your selected ASIO device. But remember, you can only use one ASIO device in Cubase.

And this brings me to your question: Do I need an audio interface? Yes, always. If your MO8 can act as an audio interface you can use that. Read its manual to find out whether and how this is the case.
Otherwise you can also use any audio input that your computer offers. However, these inputs are of poor quality from the perspective of musicians. What happened to your M-Audio device? Kaput, no driver support anymore?

The MO8 doesn’t appear to send audio signal, except by headphones, only MIDI. I’ll research the manual later. I’m finally happy to record my sequencer songs into Cubase thru MIDI. Once in Cubase, it will create a MIDI track that I can then audio mixdown to a WAV, which will create an audio track automatically (I found the doggone drop-down button).

I’ll post info on how to send any audio signal of MO8 songs directly into audio tracks in Cubase once I find it in manual. Thanks for all your help!!!