Cubase 12.05 is quitting during scanning process

Cubase 12.05 is quitting during scanning process.
To be more specific it quits at VST control room scanning. I have started to experiencing this issue after I reset RAM on my lap top. I successfully can open cubase under “disable program preferences” but activating Control Room will close application. Loading cubase under “Deactivate 3rd party plugins”. no issue with Control Room but can’t use plugins. I assume that issue might be connected to limited access which is set by default with apple security policy but I granted every request from cubase when pop-up window appears. I am running Mac book Pro 15’ (2015), 16Gb Ram, Cubase 12.0.50
No dump files created, no crush reports. Before the issue started I was using 12.0.3 ,after memory reset I’ve reinstalled Cubase two times. Please help