Cubase 12/13 reactivation no sound

I have had this problem for several years. It is not intentionally reproducible but still happens very frequently. Since it just occurred for the first time in 13 (which I can still rarely use), I am posting this issue. When I deactivate an instrument track and reactivate it after some time (mostly Kontakt instruments), there is no sound. Only when I explicitly solo the track, the sound output is completely normal; without solo, there is no sound output again. I always have to create a new instrument track, and copy paste the settings and events. Duplicating doesnt work - same sound problem. Is this a known problem by any chance?

Edit: Ok new behaviour for the first time - tried to duplicate it again without data, copy/pasted the event by hand and suddenly had sound on both tracks again.


I have seen this issue here on the forum already. But I have never been able to reproduce it.

I ran into this today with Reaktor 6

Have this issue too from time to time, for me it helps to mute the track and unmute it, then it works again :man_shrugging:

Its not so much about how to get sound again. But today I went into the situation that I sent out a track and realized too late that some tracks havent been included in the mixdown - because they didnt produce sound. Not sure how often it might have happened in the past without beeing noticed. I just would like to rely on it without rechecking all the time…:confused:

Do you have the option “deactivate plugin processing when no audio signal is received” switched on? Or something like this? If so try turning it off and see if that makes a difference.

There’s another option “treat muted tracks like deleted”, but I think that’s for audio only, so probably not to do with your issue.

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Yes that option was checked, Thx for the suggestion. I will see if that changes anything. Unfortunately not reproducibly so cant test it now. But I will report back.

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Let me know how it goes. :slight_smile: