Cubase 12 64 bit crashes every time I open key editor

Hello. I haven’t found a solution that works for this problem & can’t use MIDI as a result.

Whenever I try to open the key editor, Cubase 12 freezes & I have to use task manager to close it. This has only just started happening. I’ve uninstalled all recent plugins & moved (not deleted) the User Settings folder as was suggested in this forum, but the problem persists

I’m using Windows 11.

Any ideas please?


Nobody knows this problem?
I am in trouble same thing. After installation Cubase 12. Now 9.5 also same situation…

What I typically do is check the device manager and delete (that is ‘uninstall’) ghost USB devices.
To do this, open Device manager, in the view menu select ‘Show hidden devices’
Then look in Software devices for devices that shouldn’t be there.