Cubase 12 - a possibly ignored feature?

We often enough ask for new features, but have we used all the new features of the last major update from over a year ago?

In the Cubase 12 release notes, one of the new features mentioned regarded the plugin StepFilter.
The StepFilter plug-in features new parameters for randomization of Cutoff and Resonance.

I guess this plugin is often overlooked and I have a hunch the added randomization slipped by yet even more people.
Have a look, it even has a nice GUI representation (smear effect):

Give it a try and if you use it for your next Top 10 Hit please kindly credit me :smile:


Hey thanks, totally missed it.

And you absolutely will get a credit on my next top 10 hit.


Well, I could play devil’s advocate here and ask why they implemented a feature that at least I haven’t ever seen requested on this forum, and ignore so many other feature requests that have loads of votes :wink:


I’m not sure. But maybe those people that make the features have souls, and they like working on some things more than others? Could it be it?

(Playing devil’s advocate on the devil’s advocate :rofl:)

Step filter is great! I never forget it’s there, and I try to sneak it in whenever it’s needed or possible. And the randomization was a nice addition. I mean, I didn’t notice it, but I went straight to using it, as if it was always there.

(There’s a lot of this Buildela effect for me with Cubase. After updates I’m not sure if something’s actually changed or if it always used to work like that and it’s me that notices a detail for the first time)

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