Cubase 12 + Absolute 5 (Halion Sonic) map midi tracks >> Resolved

Hello Community,
I have Cubase Pro 12 and Absolute 5 installed. When importing midi files, all tracks are routed in to Halion Sonic SE (that comes with Cubase 12). I want Cubase to route the midi tracks in to Halion Sonic (Full) that comes with Absolute 5, Ther are a lot better sounds availabe with that.
Currently I have to remap the tracks manually in to HS and re-assign the sounds, where I loose some of the settings ( like FX ) that I have to add manually.
I tried to deactivate HSSE and GASE in the VST Plugin Manager but when I import a Midi, they get reactivated.
Before trying to completely uninstall HSSE and do a new try, I though placing the question here might be a good idea. Maybe someone has the answer.

Don’t do it. It’s not possible to select which instrument to use when importing midi.

Hello misohoza,
thanks for your quick reply - but it came too late :slight_smile:

I just uninstalled Halion Sonic SE (stand allone as well as VST) and now it works as I want it.
I can import a midi file in to Cubase and now only HS shows up with all midi channels mapped correctly in to HS instead of HSSE.

Have a goot time and a happy new year - stay safe.

P.S. You are right, you can not assign a specific instrument when importing a midi file but it looks as if Cubase is so “smart” that when it does not find HSSE, it maps all tracks to HS automatically.
That is all I wanted.

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