Cubase 12 activation is hopeless

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It will not show in the Elicenser. Please read the basic info about the new system. New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg

Im sorry Steve, but how does this help me??

What Steve is telling you is C12. DOES NOT USE THE eLLC now. There is a NEW method to license C12. You have to download the STEINBERG ACTIVATION MANAGER app which allows you to LICENSE your C12.


NOTE: Only certain legacy products still use the eLCC like C11 and other VSTi’s

I think its time to READ a little more.

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Im sorry if i have offended you guys, but you know its so frustrating.
I have tried to reinstall:

Download manager
elicenser, soft and USB…activation and control center.
Activation manager,
Steinberg Library Manager
Ive been looking at every page in Cubase .I dont need to look at any more pages or read anymore.
I just need to activate C12

Hi @snowgorm -

This page helped me a lot to get C12 up and running, by @Ultimate_Outsider, i recommend it highly : Current (Updated?) Official Steinberg detailed instructions for Upgrade from C11 to C12.0.10 (Grace) - #5 by Ultimate_Outsider

Only thing i might add is that i had to follow prompts for individual downloads of three supporting programs* first to make it all work, because one or more of them wasn’t updated appropriately as presented by Steinberg.

Good luck, come back with specific questions!

*Steinberg Download Assistant, Steinberg Activation Manager, and/or Steinberg Library Manager

I feel your pain, it shouldn’t be this damn hard. App for this, an app for that. Its redonculous

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I think we all agree, it’s a mess right now, but when it works, it’s great. Personally I have faith that Steinberg will eventually sort this out, but I have often wondered along the way if this is not some kind of secret techno-sociology experiment to find out just how much people can tolerate.

Click all the squares with traffic lights if you agree :sunglasses:


Wouldn’t it just be easier to bring back the dongle?

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:scream: … it hasn’t gone away, you know!

My update to Nuendo and Dorico and Wavelab went just fine. But I understand that it can be confusing. Frankly I wish they had just moved to the iLok and allow its option to use the virtual iLok as well. It’s established, it allows one to use a dongle or just register a machine, so best of both worlds.

I have tried all-again.
Thx all for trying to help me.
Can i have a new activation code, maybe that helps.

Hi guys
Im thinking if my problems are because of im upgrading
from C7.5 to C12 elements??
Im trying to install 7.5 to see if it helps,
before deleting C12

Have you already entered your Download Access Code for Cubase 12 in the Download Assistant? This usually triggers the upgrade process automatically. It also marks the old Cubase license as “non-upgradable” (or similar) in the eLicenser Control Center so that it can’t be used for further upgrades. Does your Cubase 7.5. license have this annotation in the eLCC? If so, the upgrade was probably already successful and you should be able to activate Cubase 12 in the Activation Manager.

I have entered download codes and activations code, but still i cant see it in soft- or USB elicenser.
I drives me crazy.
But many nice people here are trying.
Since nobody can tell me, im thinking its a local problem.
Should i uninstall C12 and reinstall? It makes no sence, coz i can see the upgrade…

The next image is this:

Cubase 12 licences will be in Steinberg Activation Manager (look for it in your Start Menu), not eLicenser Control Center.

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It seems you already upgraded the license successfully. What entries does the Activation Manager show?

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Since you have a physical eLicenser dongle, I assume that you have either the full version of Cubase 7.5 or Cubase Artist 7.5.

You cannot update your license to a lower tier version of Cubase! Most companies wont allow you to do something like that.

If that’s what you were attempting to do, then please contact asknet support about the possibility of a refund.

Next time, please include as much information as possible in the first post, such as any error messages and the version of the software you’re upgrading from. This way others can help you straight away instead of having to try to guess what the issue might be.

Im thinking if its because i upgrade from 7.5 to 12 elements.