Cubase 12 activation limit now reached

Hi a couple of days ago, my Cubase wouldn’t start because of license issues.
So I clicked license and maintenance, but that did not help.

I then saw in Steinberg Activation Manager that “Activation limit reached”.

I only have my Cubase on one computer!

Now I’m thinking that my license was stolen or something.

Frustrated and stressed!
I need help and I have put a support ticket 4 days ago. Steinberg has a crappy support that takes this long time. Is there anything I could do? … I mean for Steinberg time is not equal to money but for me it is.

Best regards,

Hans Målefors

Hi Hans,

I have reset your activations! You should be good to go.

All the best,

Hi Matthias,

Same issue here, Activations reached limit of three, but I have only one pc (Ryzentosh) with Cubase 12 Elements.

Can you solve this problem for me too?

Thanks in advance for your attention and help.

PS: Instructions to deactivate Cubase license for reinstall the system (windows, hackintosh, etc) are welcome.

Hello Matthias.,

Not sure if you can help me - but I’ve put in a ticket to support (or so I THOUGHT, maybe I messed it up??) as I’m trying to activate Cubase 12 on my Mac, and no answer. I have 3 machines, 2 PCs and this MAC. Is there a limit to how many installations we can have? If so, can I just revert back to using the dongle? That would be less confusing and such, and I can install on as many machines as I like. Which I would prefer.

See Steinberg Licensing update: Deactivate licenses on unavailable computers