Cubase 12 Activation Limit Reached

When I try to activate Cubase Pro 12 on my Macbook it tells me that I have reached my activation limit even though I activated Cubase on two machines, when looking at my products on my account it says that I have installed it on 3 machines which I haven’t.
I have created a ticket but have had no reply, the ticket was submitted on April 10th.
Could anyone please let me know how long it takes for Steinberg to answer support requests?



It can take several days for them to respond. Today they even sent me an email saying “it’s gonna take a while til you hear from us” lol. Their new activation manager is very bad and it can silently activate copies of your software without notifying you. I discovered it activated my Cubase 12 Pro license on TWO computers where I never installed it (one had Artist 12, the other had Elements 12, but Steinberg activated Pro on both of them without my permission!).

If you have even installed any Steinberg software on other computers, run the Steinberg Activation Manager on them and see if this happened to you too.

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