Cubase 12 Activation Manager problem

Hello guys!!! Does anyone know how to solve the problem with the new cube activator? THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE

What should I do to install correctly and run the activator? Mas Os Bigsur


What kind of issue do you have? What does the message say?

What kind of Mac do you use, please?

Hello! I get a message Loading Please wait! Mac OS BigSur


Do you use any antivirus or firewall?

Is it Intel or M1 Mac?

I do not use antiviruses! Intel

Same here with Wavelab Pro 11.1, Big Sur latest intel trashcan mac pro. Did you find a solution?

No solution. I posted about this same thing here and no response whatsoever. I can’t even START C12 because even though I downloaded the demo to check compatibility with my C11P projects, I have no license for it. So…