Cubase 12 activation steps

Last week I purchased the upgrade from cubase 11 to 12, but due to an overloaded inbox I did not receive any email. My inbox is emptied but now I do not have any info anymore about what to do to register my upgrade. I reached out to Steinberg but so far zero response :frowning: that’s really sad. I am a happy user since cubase 6, but I am blocked at the moment.
Hope anyone can guide me here. Thanks in advance.

Until you get an activation code you can still download the update using download assistant. Once you get a code then you can activate it.

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You can try to log in to your online shop account and check your purchases and activation codes.

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You can login to your Steinberg Shop account here:

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Thanks to all to guide me in the right direction. After browsing via the online shop I could find what I was looking for. Let’s make some music now :wink:

P.S. Steinberg should still work on their reaction time :slight_smile: