Cubase 12 activations limit and releasing, Steinberg Team


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Thanks, have a nice day)

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Hello steinberg . i hope helping me . one of my computers is broken end has still active licence on it , unfortunately the mother board is broken , wont start. how to deactivate the licence on it ? i understand the licence is stored on computer id , but i can*t start this machine to deactivate becouse the machine is broken. i know i can use 3 computers but such time one of them is broken , how to deactivate licence on it.

I dont find on internet or to the steinberg site , an articole abot how to deactivate cubase 12 if the machine is broken .
phone support dont work

this is the broken machine in cause, atached in foto: ID 2ae4166873

thanks in advance.

I have reset your activation.

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Thank you Mathias
Done all ready by Ben

All my regards

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Matthias_Quellmann , I am running with the same problem. I added Extra hdd to my pc. Now it say Activation Limit Reached.
Please Help.!

thank for solving issue!

Hi Mattias. please help me… I felt the need to reset my computer for the last 3-5 days due to screen problems. I removed the m2 hdd tonight and installed SSD hdd windows10 pro for troubleshooting.
but I got the following warning about the license. It says ‘Activation Limit Reached’… thanks.



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Thanks Matthias…

@Matthias_Quellmann - you are a king for helping all these folks, but I sure hope you have reported this as a problem to your higher-ups. It’s unacceptable for customers of such an expensive (and job-critical) product to have to visit a message board in order to unlock the software they paid for, and it seems like it’s creating a lot of busywork for you, too.

Again, I salute you for your efforts here, but Steinberg has to do better.


We took a hard crash (mobo) on our Cubase machine recently and it’s unrecoverable.
We’ve built a new machine and activated Cubase on it so we now have an orphan activation dated March 2022. I’d appreciate it if this could be freed up so we’re back to a single activation.

Also, if there was ever an end-user issue that cried out for a self-service solution, this is it.

I’ll probably get jumped on for suggesting this, but going back to the original plan of the 30-day periodic call-home to verify licenses would would give SB the possibility to offer self-service license releases.

Maybe not possible to make such a change at this point though.

Nonetheless, @Matthias_Quellmann has been quick on the draw to release licenses here on the forum.


even better, what about some kind of small and portable hardware device that you could store your licences on ? Possibly USB based ? I wonder if it could be something like the iLok ? that works beautifully for lots of my other licences. You can even have 2 or 3 activations for spare iLoks.

I hope SB could implement something like this.


I would, rather selfishly, strongly agree with you as the 30 day check-in wouldn’t affect us here, but I’m well aware that it would have a negative impact on others.
And yes, Matthias has been doing a sterling job of looking after us all but I’m sure he already has a day job and would rather be getting on with something else.

Hi Matthias!!

Would it be possible to reset all my activations, please?

Many thanks in advance!!

Agree 100%.
Trouble is, too many people claimed that their machines never saw the internet for years, causing a stink and claiming the 30 day activation somehow meant it was a subscription service. (!)

I really do admire that SB adjusted to meet the needs of the userbase, but seeing activations being cleared via forum posts just seems really unprofessional to me. That’s not a dig at SB, more a feeling of frustration seeing how this has played out.

I hear you, and probably moot at this point, but yeah.

@KT66 @barri I have reset your activations.